June 26, 2007

Update on Today's Open House


It was a very fun but tiring day today at my Open House. WOW!!! Wini and I hosted this OH, and about 7 or 8 of our ladies showed up to play. We had 3 FREE make n' takes...and some samples to show them. Everyone was excited, the projects were easy to do, and after it all, we just kicked back, munched on snacks, and had a few cups of ice tea. It was a fun session that only lasted 4 hours - but why are we so pooped?! My theory - and I've already shared this with Mama Wini, was that while the guests were all here - our adrenaline was pumping, and we were on a "high". But as soon as they left, we just went into slow mode....can you empathize with me n' Mama Wini?!

Special Thanks goes to my real Mama, she watched my baby Cyrus. Chazz as always was curtious to all the "aunties" - greeting them with a hug, and a kiss on the cheek (this is the aloha way, and a requirement in my house - it shows that we "welcome" you to our home, and we love you like "family"). He stayed in the house most of the time - and you might think that he was playing video games, but he was actually cleaning his bedroom, for fear that his daddy would whoop his ass when he got home from work! He also did some laundry!!! He later came out and hung out with us ladies for a little while - and even got into some of our conversations. What a sweetie, huh?!

After getting home from picking Cyrus up from my mom's, I cleaned the kitchen....I know I said I was going to take a nap in my previous post - but of course, that didn't happen. So, I cleaned the kitchen, and started dinner. Charlie had a last minute dinner meeting with some contractors from the outter island, so he isn't coming home til' later tonight. After we ate (which was around 6 p.m.), I get a knock at my door - and it's my next door neighbor, Aunty Lee. Such a sweetheart, she cooked us dinner!!! In her hands, she had made a huge platter of chicken n' rice, with this delicious sauce to go with it. This woman, she's such a dear!!! I said, "Why Auntie?! What For!??!?!"... she said, "Because I know you work sooooo hard today!!!!"... what a sweetheart. I just gave her a big hug, and held her for a few seconds. I am her family here - her son and daughter lives up in the states. Her hubby, "Uncle Frank" died 2 years ago, right before Cyrus was born. Her daughter (photos shown here) was fighting in Irag, and was a helicopter pilot that was shot down during combat. Miraculously, her daughter was able to land the helicopter safely after both of her legs were blown off while flying the helicopter!!!! Unbelieveable!!!! Those of you that live here in Hawaii, may know her, as she used to attend McKinley High School, but she now resides in Chicago, Illinois. Her name is Major Tammy Duckworth - and she was recently running for a seat in the Senate. But back to her mom, who is my next door neighbor, gosh - she's been through so much, huh?....and I can't imagine the emotional roller coaster ride that she has been through. So, when she comes over and gives me something - I really appreciate all of the love and thoughtfulness she has put into her dish, and I always thank the Lord for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful woman's life who is always so giving to me and my family!! **Sigh**

Ok, nuff of the sad stuff - thanks for reading that. Now to show you the samples that we used at our session today. These are going to be the same samples we will be using at my weekend Open House this Saturday. I will not reveal the Make n' Takes until thereafter. Most of these samples were CASED from other bloggers, and SCS members. So, if you see **your** card here, please point it out, and we thank you in advance for allowing us to CASE it and present it at our OH. Kinda cool, knowing that your artwork is right here in Hawaii, huh? So here they are:

Teri did this one below and CASED it from our blog sistah, Dawn Griffith!! Thanks, Girlie!!!

Our Sample Board n' Table together with Door Prizes - Mama Wini worked on putting the board together.... she did a GREAT job!!!!

We had door prizes to give away - and enough for each and every one of our guests, SU! Demostrators were excluded from the door prizes. Here are the winners:

This lady is shy:

Oh - and L@@K!!!! She was our GRAND PRIZE WINNER!!!!

Other Photos:

All in all, it was a good session!!! Thanks to all that attended!!!! Much Thanks to YOU for stciking around and reading this very long post!!!!