June 8, 2007

Ty Pennington & The Extreme Makeover Home Edition Crew In Hawaii!!!!

OMG!!!! OMGoodness.... have I not told you that Charlie is the luckiest guy I know? I've mentioned before how he always runs into these stars... sport stars, tv stars, movie stars, show stars!!! Now this!!! Ahhh!!! Right now as I write this, Ty Pennington and his Extreme Makeover Home Edition Crew are here in Hawaii, in my childhood home town **Kalihi**, working their buns off to meet the deadline of finishing a full complete home within 1 week. And MY Charlie, my lucky man.... he was invited to be a part of the crew!!! How's that?!?! He's so dang lucky - can you believe it?! I Can't. I'm sooo jealous... I'm such a star strucked wife...hahaha - it's a good thing that I'm not allowed on the scene like he is - cause I'd probably be screaming out "Ty!!!!!; Paige!!! Hey - Over Here!!!! Ed!!!"..... So, Charlie and his friends took some pictures of them on the site, and with some of the stars. There is even a pic of Ty lifting his shirt (for all you wild Ty-Crazy ladies out there!!!)...(He seems like he's looking at something on his shirt - but it may be just a stunt to lift and show off his abs!!!). Anyways.... here's some photos below... but to see MORE - click here:

Extreme Makeover Crew in Hawaii!!!!

Here's Charlie with "Paige" and our good friend Mark:

Charlie, "Ed Sanders", Mark and another friend:

I'm jealous.... click on the link above to see more photos!!! Ahhhh!!!! Of course, once again... he got me no autographs....hahaha - but he promised me that he will try to get some autographs tomorrow when he goes to the scene. Maybe I can sneak in with him? Ohhhh!!!! I think I just might pee in my panties if I do!!! tee hee.... ok, will keep everyone posted on this....