June 3, 2007

Trying my Cuttlebug Monkey Die Cut

Well, today for my hubby's birthday, we headed out to the beach. To read more about our day at the beach - click here: My Ohana's Blog. To view more photos - click here: A Day At The Beach.

Anyways, I was able to make something simple today. And that is what I plan on doing daily - create at least 1 simple project, and then possibly throw in other stuffs here n' there. So, here is my 1 simple card for the day. I have been meaning to use my CB Monkey die cut for a while now... he's been so patient, just hanging there - looking at me with that cute puckering face. I'm glad that I've finally got to use him. I simply cut him out from an Ultra White Cardstock - and then colored in with my markers. The round embossed is also from CB. I cut the round embossed image out using my scallop scissors, and then layered on Chocolate Chip using my scallop scissors again. The sketch is the same sketch that Beate had on one of her challenges a couple of days ago. It's a pretty easy sketch, so I thought I'd use it again.

I also worked on altering a Spam Can today....but you'll have to wait til' tomorrow to see that. Because I've written a tutorial for that as well.... yea, kinda odd - I'm sure you already know how to alter a Spam Can, but I thought it would be neat to show you step by step how I altered this one. So come on back tomorrow, and check it out.

I haven't failed to notice that my visitor hits have already surpassed the big 5K! I can't believe how fast it climbing up there, and I totally appreciate everyone's interest in my creations n' ramblings. I will work on getting some Candi Pieces together, and post my question or challenge to you. So come on back for that too!!!
***UPDATE on Baby Swap: ALL but 1 swap has been received. I will be returning your swaps shortly - you will however receive 2 of your's back, being that 1 participator has not sent in her swap. ***Sorry All!!! Cannot help sometimes...***
***UPDATE on 6x6 Appetizer swap: ALL Swaps haven been received! (Received the last one this past weekend!!!). YAY!!! I'm looking forward in swaping all of these back out, and getting them out before the week ends. Thank you all that participated!! This was a huge group... next time, I'll have to split it in 2 groups. =0)

See ya tomorrow!