June 29, 2007

Things I Love About The New SU! Catty

Now that it's finally here....I let it sit in it's box, unopened til' I finished cooking dinner, getting the kids into bed, and now, finally a moment to browse through really quickly. While going through it a notice a few things that I'm kinda tickled about. So, I'd thought I'd share these things with you....

Here we go:

  • First of all - love that **new** catty smell....snnnnnnnnfffff
  • Looks like a **new** artist has been added, there are cute double-lined stamp sets. And they are ADORABLE!!!!
  • It's a lot **lighter** than last year's!
  • **new** yummie ribbons....
  • That **new** catty smell.....ahhhh!!!!
  • Very pretty ds paper - I think I WANT them ALL.
  • Different "Simply Scrappin' Kits" - of course I knew they were coming out with new ones, but I didn't know they were going to be so pretty!!!
  • The Rich Color of it's cover.... love it - and it looks like there is a watermark on the cover - but not really. hahaha.
  • **NEW** catty smell.....sweet!!!
  • The way they set up the sets on each page - it looks more "organized". Maybe it's just my eyes?!
  • Samples - they are BRIGHT, BOLD and in beautiful colors!!! Oh, and also BIGGER on some pages - I think this helps to take up space, but I LUV IT!!!.
  • Color Combos.... they were definitely thinking of me while creating this catty (hah! I wish!).
  • Did I mention that **new** catty smell?!?!
  • Swirls, Flourishes, Dots n' Spots.... my favorites!!!
  • And of course, that **new** catty smell!!!!

Now that I've shared with you my favorites... what are yours?! I'm now going to go through my catty, and put a check mark next to the sets I've already have, then I put a dash ( __ ) next to the ones I WANT (or shall I say "need" - cause that sounds less guilty, huh?!).... Because I am my BEST customer, I am going to spread my orders out, and buy them in $75 per month. hahhahaa..... we'll see how long THAT lasts!!!

Ok Sisters!!! Thank you all for your moral support through these couple of agonizing days that I've waited for my cattys..... it was well worth it!!! I was totally tickled to read everyone's comments about my video's, and got a total **kick** outtah creating them videos. I gotta tell ya tho', there were times when I would do 5-6 takes for just 1 video. I would crack-up in between, cause I know I look silly......and I thank you ALL for allowing me to express my silly self on here!!!

Ok, I'm off to **smell** my catty - I mean, I've waiting this long...and smelling it is the main purpose of what I wanted it so bad (hahaha), have you smell your catty too?! If you haven't, you should try it (um, but if you do, don't breathe out of your mouth before you breathe in, you might get a whiff of your breath mixed with that new catty smell and spoil the real **new** catty smell - for sure!)....smell it for me? please?! Is it obvious that I have a **smelly** fetish!? LOL!!!