June 8, 2007

Sweet Candi Pieces Winner.....

Ok - that was a GREAT game for my last Candi Pieces Giveaway... I hope everyone had a great time, and not a hard time trying to locate their answers. There were several routes on how Olivia Newton-John and Owen Wilson were connected via movies. Here was my route:

ONJ w/ John Travolta - Grease
John Travolta w/ Samuel L. Jackson - Pulp Fiction
Samuela L. Jackson w/Matthew McCaunaghy - A Time To Kill
Matthew McCaunaghy w/Kate Hudson - To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
Kate Hudson w/Owen Wilson - You Me & Dupree

But... this was the most common combo that I received:

Olivia Newton John & John Travolta - Grease
John Travolta & Vince Vaughn - Be Cool
Vince Vaughn & Jennifer Aniston - The Break Up
Jennifer Aniston & Ben Stiller - Along Came Polly
Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson - Zoolander

Then I had a very unusual one....

Olivia Newton John & John Travolta in Grease
John Travolta & Tim Allen in WIld Hogs
Tim Allen & Tom Hanks in Toy Story
Tom Hanks & John Ratzenberger in Toy Story 2
John Ratzenberger & Owen Wilson in Cars

But I really enjoyed everyone's participation, and found it interesting in how all of these actors are entwined somehow. Well, I put all of the winning names into my random.org list organizer - click on the button 3 times, then asked my son to select a # from 1-11.... and choose #8 - that happened to be:

Thanks for playing all... and if you have notice that I have - it's time for another Candi Pieces giveaway!!! It hit my 6K mark over night!! I will post later on what the giveaway will be this time around..... oh my!!!