June 26, 2007

RAK's Received & Daily Video Back Up Again!!!

Oh my... I never realized how many sister's enjoyed my silliness... so my daily video is going back up again!!!! Alright - this time, for sure I'll just keep it, and the videos will be short, cause I don't want to take up memory on computer's of those that have dial up.... anyways, hope every body will enjoy watching it.

Anyways, here are some RAK's that I've received from my Upline, Teri Suzuki. She makes such cute stuffs - and it's always such a treat when I receive things from her. Oh MY!!! She gave me sooo many things!!! Check it out!!!

Here she gave me an envelope reference guide. It holds all of the envelopes that SU! has, all on 1 ring. Very convinient.... I wonder if any of these are retiring tho'? Oh well, I could just pull it out if it is, right?!Then I won blog candy over at her site - this was the very 1st blog candy giveaway that she had... how tickled I was to be her 1st winner!!! Do you think it was juiced? Nah, she said that her pops pulled my name - how cool is that, you can read all about it here.

This is a jewelry box, that she cutely stamped images using the "Do The Hula" set, and then slipped it into the picture frame. The cover comes up, and then it can sit on the top of the box without closing. In it, she also gave me some cool stuffs.... word brads, lil' teeny buttons, circle tags.

I was surprised to find that there were more goodies in the 2nd drawer!! What fun!!! Here are Dooblebug's "jellishements" - so cute, huh?! I've always wanted to collect these - they are too cute to use, man!!! She also gave me some frames that I hope I can make use of one day soon. Will try and see what I can make with them.

Well, my eyes want to shut - so I'm going to stop n' rest for now. I'm pooped from my open house that I had... but I know I must come back on and thank you all for all that you've supported me by reaching 10,000 hits!!!! I can't believe it!!! Holy SMOKES!!!! I'll be back after a little shut eye..... you better come back too, so you can see what I'm going to be giving away!!!