June 2, 2007

RAK's Received and A Card For My Hubby

I got some goodies this past week.....

First, a package from Dawn Mercedes came in, she gave me this very beautiful n' bright springy Thank You card for Candi Pieces she received from me. But she also sent Charlie a Detroit Piston's basketball frame - how thoughtful of her, and very sweet too!!! Charlie was smilin' ear to ear... thanks, Dawn!! The lil' bottle you see there, is a miniature glass container which I could probably fill with lil' doo dads, but I think I'm just going to add that to my miniature collection (I luv miniatures!), anyways that bottle and the CB circle die cut was from my girlfriend Teri. She just got back from San Fran (and had a blast!), and gave me those as souvenir.... yea, the die cut was from Michael's - which is sad that Hawaii does NOT have. But thanks, T - I love all my goodies!

Then, Charlie came home from his business trip, and went shopping for me while he was there (you all know I don't like clothes shopping!). Anyways, he's a fan of Ecko brands, so that is why he bought me so many "Ecko Red" tees. But I gotta tell ya, I love all the blings on these tees.... can't wait to wear them!! Such a sweetie, my man - huh?!

And now for my card to my hubby. Yep, Charlie's birthday is tomorrow (Sunday). I don't think I've actually made a card from me to him before - at least not with rubber stamping. Creating masculine cards are so difficult - I think it's cause I'm so used to making "cute" cards, and using pretty colors. I've made cards from the kids to him, so it was easy to create using cutie-pie stuffs. Anyways... because he is such a huge fan of the Detroit Pistons' Basketball team, I thought I'd create a "cute" card with this hedgehog holding balloons with the DP's name on them.

Here's what I did....I used a clipart on one of my card making programs to create the ball - then created the team's name, and pasted their name on each ball. I then grouped a bunch of 6 "no-name balls" (without the teams name) the way I wanted them to look (like a bunch of balloons), and then printed 6 more balls separately (w/their team names). The balls with no names became the base, and then the balls with the team names went on top of the base, but I've added some dimensionals to some of the balls, to add some 3D depth to my card. I cut the base balloons out, and the separate balls were punched out with my 1-1/4" circle punch. I can't believe how I got it to that exact size - and I was just guessing too!!! You know how clipart can look a different size on screen rather on paper. Then I took this cute adorable hedgehog - from Penny Black I believe, and used my black marker to color directly onto the image of what I wanted to have stamped. As you can see, the stamp actually has the hedgehog holding a daisy flower, and bees. But I wanted to eliminate all that - and wanted just the hedgehog with it's hand ready to hold something (now my string of balloons instead!). I cut a slit right above the hedgehog's hand, and inserted the gold cord (tied it first), and then another slit at the bottom of his hand for the cord to exit. The background is CB's Spots n' Dots embossing folder, I took a strip of SU!'s DS paper, and then tied a blue organdy ribbon on the strip. I then added that lil' "For You" stamp - but simply made a tag just by cutting around it, and punching a hole. Then tied to the organdy ribbon with gold cord. The CS is SU!'s Brilliant Blue, and Ultra White.

Well.... this cute card is going to him only if the Piston's win today (I don't want to remind him of their lost - if they DO lose....). Therefore, I will need a backup card - which I will make today. So come on back tomorrow, and see what I create. I'm going to try and make it a masculine one.... geez - wish me luck!! We're going on a date tonight.... it's our first in 4 months! Where have the days gone!? I'll keep you'll posted on that too.

BTW... anybody jonsing for a **NEW** tutorial?! Comment here, and let me know.... I'll see what I can do for ya!

Have an awesome weekend....