June 9, 2007

Quickutz Contest - For Hawaii Residents Only

Hey Lovely Hula Hands Ladies... this just in.... Fisher Hawaii is having a contest!! (I've attached the link to their site, but there really isn't much on their site right now, as it is in construction - but at least you'll have the store hours!!!).

Anyways... Fisher Hawaii is having a Quickutz contest!!! But sorry - this is only limited to the ladies in the State of Hawaii. Anyways, FH are giving away a sh*t load of things, for those that participate, and turn in their cards. There are 4 categories to submit for, and there isn't anything specifying **how many cards** you can submit - so... you all should go for it! There's NOTHING to lose!!! The categories are:

  • Graduation

  • Christmas

  • Birthday

  • Thank You

Click Here To See The Ad Featured In Today's Midweek: Fisher Hawaii's Ad

You'll need to create using your Quickutz Die Cuts. (Of course if you don't have QK's stuffs, you can get them at Fishers......) (I hope I get some brownie points for that PLUG!....hahaha - just kidding, Mel) (like if he reads this....yea?!) (Ok, sorry - talking to myself again....back to the contest....) 1 winner will be choosen for each category - and there will be 1 winner selected for OVERALL!!! WOW!!!! That means, you have a chance of winning 5 times!!!! Finalist n' Grand Prize Winners will be receiving Quickutz gifts valued between $33 - $223... and that's just for submitting your original work of art!!! Deadline is Sunday, June 24th!!!