June 16, 2007

One More Post on Extreme Makeover Home Edition

I promise that this is my last post on this topic. This one is going to be the BEST - unless you've considered the video of Sistah Robi better. For all you **Ty-Hard** fans out there..... although we didn't get to see celebrities on the night of the "Wrap Up Party", Charlie was fortunate to be invited to this Exclusive VIP Luau which was held at the famous "Sea Life Park" (you know, the one where "50 First Dates" did a lot of filming at). The Luau was the night before the "Wrap Up Party" - but I didn't get a chance to post this, as I wanted to upload the photos to the album before I post anything.

Charlie once again was my lucky fella to spend the evening with these celebrities! But I'll take it, that's just as good as me being there... at least I can say "part of me" was there, right? Cause really - I'm in his heart - right?!!! (Yea, I'm corny like that!). Ok nuff of the mento madness that I speak of... here are some of the photos that Charlie took with these famous people. To view photos from the Luau that night - click here to get to my online album (I've added more photos, so you're going to see the photos that I previously posted - you'll need to scroll down in the album to see the new photos I've added):

That's Ty in the middle....Charlie and Mark on both sides of him... 2 other friends on the out skirts....

Charlie with Eduardo Xol:

Eduardo, Mark, Paige & Charlie: