June 12, 2007

Oh My!!! 7000 Hits already?!

Ok... so, um... I posted this morning (or was it yesterday?) that I was giving CANDi Pieces away for 6K Hits... I think my count was already around 6850.... so I am not surprised that it has NOW SURPASSED 7000!!!! My Oh My!!!! You all are so sweet and kind to want my Candies!! Thank you all for your comments on my post for 6000 hits giveaway....

So... now I have up for grabs another bunch of stuffs, for hitting the 7000 mark!!! Here's what I've got for ya: A sheet of Junkitz Expressions Rub-Ons (you might need your own popsicle stick!); A rubber stamp from Darcie's Country Folk; Bazzill Basic Big Paper Clips (Blue - set of 3); Bazzill Basic Big Brads (brown w/white polka dots); Bazzill Basic Chipboard Letter "S" (for "Saucy", "Sweetheart", "Sensational", "Sweet", "Sexy".... etc., etc.,); and a bunch of ribbons - 5 colors, 1 yard each.

What to do: Hmmmm.... what to do.... ok, here it is... simple... one of my favorite glamorous bloggettes out there is Allison of "Stampin' When I Can". You know her. Some of you know ME from her!! She does so much in such little time, n' I am amazed how she does it! I bet cha she probably has about 15 pages open at the same time, toggling back n' forth like a crazy mo-fo! But she does it with SPEED, DIGNITY, INTEGRITY and LOVE!!! Can you imagine, she's on top of things, no matter what... nobody is asking her to - but she always is!! She LOVES it, and you can tell she does - cause she does it every single day, whole heartingly!!!

So...My pretties... what I ask of YOU my dear sisters, to do for a chance to earn this lovely 7000 Hits CANDi Pieces from me... go on over to Allison's blog, click on the "Blogger's Choice Awards" button located on the upper left hand corner of her page (right under her email subscription box) - then vote on her blog! (You'll need to "Sign Up" to vote - but it takes only a few seconds). Post here, and let me know if you've voted - and under what name. ***For a DOUBLE CHANCE at these candies, leave a comment on there, and I will put your name in my 7K drawing twice!!! (You may also use the links I've provided here for easy access). ALL names will be entered into my drawing (including those that have ALREADY voted for her - cause I don't think you can vote twice)...this means you, Nancy, Jan and Corie! (tee hee).... A name will be randomly selected through, of course - random.org, on Sunday, June 17th, 6 p.m. - Hawaii Time. And if these candies aren't enough for ya (or maybe TOO much), try out my Sketch Challenge #2 for a lil' sumthin' sumthin'.... (Mini Candi Pieces).

Good Luck!!!

***Sisterly bonding is going great... but I'm having withdrawals from not being able to share with you all... so, I think a tutorial is in the works soon. Come on back later - and you'll see what I've whipped up. Um, right now, since being with my sister - I'm a little inspired to "un-clutter" some of my home space (notice how I've said "a little inspired").... so, I'm going to see if I can un-clutter a corner of my house.

Thanks for reading - now, go on and vote for Alli girl!!!

Tah-Tah For Now,