June 19, 2007


Sorry all... I couldn't dish out anything yesterday, my Cyrus is sick with the stomach virus. His butt has been running like a faucet that can't be shut!!!! It's so sad when the lil' ones get sick, you just wanna take the sick from them, right? Actually, I don't want this one though. Poor thing, his butt is all raw, and chaffing... all that acid. I took him to the doctor yesterday, and you know what? She said that the pool we went to the other day made him sick! Can you believe that? I do, after she explained...she said that with people peeing n' sometimes butt residues.... ewww... and then baby probably swallowed some water... that's where the bacteria went in... ugh! So sad....my poor baby. Well, I did get to upload the photo of my Candi Pieces giveaway for 8000 hits, so if go back to that posting, you'll see what juicy stuff I'm giving away. I also uploaded my sample of my Sketch Challenge #3... you can check that out too.

I'm going to try n' do some stuffs, but no promises... laundry is sitting on the sofa (very patiently, I might add) for me to fold them.