June 14, 2007

NEW SU! Stuffs & Last Night's "Wrap Up Party" Celebration

Hey All!!! I'm so thrilled!!! My NEW Fall/Winter preview stuffs that I ordered from Stampin' Up! arrived yesterday, and I've finally got a chance to open up the box. Here's a photo of all the stuffs that I got. Ok... so yes, I wanted to get them all - but thought I'd just get these for now.... hopefully I'll get a chance to mount n' play with them later. I wanna CASE some gorgeous cards I've seen posted out there....

Also, just a reminder, and to clear up any comfusions out there.... tomorrow - I am drawing for my 6000 hits (post a comment). On Sunday, I will be drawing for my 7000 hits (vote for Alli). So yes, I am drawing for BOTH hits and not just 1. I am also having a mini candi giveaway - and that is for doing my Sketch Challenge #2, which I will be drawing for on Saturday. I have only 2 submittals, and there are 2 more days... so if you wanna play - go on and check out my sketch #2 challenge, and try it out.

Now for the fun stuff....last night, Charlie n' I were invited to attend a "wrap up party" in honor of all those that participated in the "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" building event. It was so overwhelming for me to see and be around all those people that volunteered their time and efforts into building a home and community center in about 120 hours - that's in an AMAZING 5 days!! Anyways - Ala Moana Hotel had this whole function set up for the volunteers, and the pupus (lil' tid bits of food) were FREE, but there was ALOT of pupus!! And, oh, it was soooo Ono!!!! (very delicious!!!!). They also had some live entertainment - and I wanted to record them all - but I could only fit one of my digital camera... it's of Sista Robi Kahakalau!!! Here is the video... it's about 7 minutes long, but I wanted to share this with all my local sistahs out there.... and for all of you that want to hear a little Hawaiian music. If you watch the video you will see that after the 1st song, they are about to end their show... and they start to walk off stage...when everyone in the audience starts screaming "Hana Hou!!!!" - which means, "encore!!!!" in Hawaiian....and they do.... they stay for one more song, and this time - one of the volunteers herself gets up on stage, and does the hula for all of us. It was such a chicken skin moment!!! I was so honored to be surrounded by these people who volunteered their hard work, time and most of all Love!!!! There was so much ~ALOHA~ in the room!!! You will also see part of the slide show of the people at work during this video.

Unfortunately, we wanted to wait til' the celebrities arrived, but it was getting late, and my baby was with grandma. We didn't want him staying there too long - so we decided to leave at 9:30 p.m. It was a good thing we did, because this morning - Charlie's friend, who stayed back later than we did, told us that that celebrities did NOT show up. But it was a good celebration for the volunteers - everyone just had a great time mingling, and eating - it was a HUGE pat on everyone's back. As for me.... although I was not at the actual site... well, my volunteer work was ironing Charlie's shirts each day. =0)

Oh - By The Way....for those of you that are interested...the show will air on September 23rd - it's going to be their opening show of the season, a 2-hour long show!!! I Can't wait....