June 22, 2007

I'm Back... and with somemore Candi to Give Away!!!

Have I taken long enough to post this or what?!

The hits have been coming, and coming, and growing n' growing.... and once again, it's time for a giveaway. This time, it is for my counter reaching 9,000+ hits!!! Here's whats up for grabs:

A tag set - fr Rob n' Bob's Studio; SU!'s Mini Catalog - Spring 2007 (Gr-8 for ideas!), Coupld of DS paper, Quote Stack - Home n' Family fr DCWV, 3x3 Card n' Envelope, Making Memories Charms - Wedding III, Q&C Safety Pins - Fall, and Q&C Trios - Black.

What you need to do.... you need to post a comment here, and list 3 POSITIVE things about yourself - and they MUST be POSITIVE.... anything negative will not be included (do not include "I haves"). You must start your comment as, "I love myself because....". You might think this is silly - but I'm a silly person. So play with me... it's something easy to do, be bold, and now's your chance to really boast about yourself. If you want something challenging - comeback when I have 10,000 hits, I'll have a sketch challenge for that one. Otherwise, be silly, and love yourself.... here is my example:

I Love Myself Because....
  1. My Eyes Are Beautifully Brown, Round n' Big
  2. I am a Crazy n' Fun Person
  3. My Hair is Long and Silky Soft

Not Acceptable Scentences: I Love Myself Because.....

  1. I have 4 beautiful kids (not about yourself)
  2. I'm a b*tch (not positive)
  3. My husband will do anything for me (we don't wanna know about him).

A lucky duck will be randomly drawn on Monday, June 25th. I look forward to hearing about why YOU love YOURSELF!!! You Go Girl!!! Dish It Out.... ah-huh, ah-huh....