June 17, 2007

Happy Daddy's Day!!!

Happy Daddy's Day All!!!

So what did everybody do today?! It's a nice sunny day here in Hawaii... the sun is up shining, and luckily where I'm at, I am under some shade and sweet breezes are passing through. So what did you ladies get the "Daddy's" in your lives? For my Dad, whom we refer to as "Grandpa" or "Dad" we decided to get him this program called, "National Geographic Maps - The Complete Collection", when I was a kid, I remember my dad having all types of books that contained "World Atlas Maps" within them. Not sure why, but I guess he was interested in them. So, I thought it would be a good program for him to play around with on days when he's not doing anything else. I also gave him the 40th Anniversary DVD of "Sound Of Music". Girls, you dunno how much I love that dang movie! I guess I love it because my parents used to watch it EVERY - gosh was it around Easter time that they'd be playing that movie? Well, I know at least every year, one or more of the TV stations would be playing that movie. My parents would ALWAYS watch it whenever it was on - no matter if it had already started, and already half way through!!! They LOVE that movie, and I fell in love with it as well. Come on.... raise your hand if you love it too.... anyways, I think my Dad will enjoy watching the movie. Especially cause it's on DVD and not on his VHS anymore.

As for my Charlie, whom we refer to as "Daddy" or "Pop-Pa".... the boys and I headed to the golf store sometime last week.... bought him a bunch of stuffs.... golf gadgets, some Nike golf balls (short story here about the Nike golf balls.....funny, cause there were 2 different types of balls - Black n' Silver, but I didn't understand, cause the cover looked like they were White...So, what gives?! What's the diff?! Well, I raised the box up, and turned to the salesman, this "Raymond look-alike guy" - you know, the guy from "Everybody Loves Raymond"... yea, totally looks like him...anyways, so I raise the box, and say..."Are These Balls Black?!".... hahaha.... it wasn't til after every guy in the store turned around to look at me, that I realized what I had said out loud.... there was a girl behind the counter, that turned towards me as well - and she had a HUGE GIGANTIC smile on her face - she wanted to BUST OUT LAFFING!!!! The "Raymond Look-Alike Guy" gave a little chuckle, but he contained himself - and answered me with a straight face, and told me the balls were all white. But he did manage to say that if I wanted them black - that I could just paint them. DUH!!).... anyways, back to what My Charlie got... he got a 2-can cooler (hahaha, which he said he drinks MORE than just 2 cans on the course - how would I know?!), rain cover for his clubs and last but NOT least, we bought him a **NEW** Set of Golf Clubs, I don't know what brand it was, but he was sure **HAPPY** about it. Phew!!! Thank goodness too, cause I had no idea what I was going to get my fella. I also wanted to give him something specially created by me, to use at his desk.... so I made him a Post-It Note Pads Holder with a touch of Scrapbooking.

So, Thanks for reading all of the above, since you've been so patient, I now reveal to you what I made for him....here it is:

All supplies used are Stampin' Up! - except for the scalloped scissors. I was even able to use the new blings!!! Love them!!! The scallop scissors was used to cute around my "cute" circle.

I was going to look for a template online but I figured that it was pretty easy to "think" it up. What do you think?

Shall I do a tutorial? If you want one, let me know....then I'll make one for my sister whose birthday has already passed - but I haven't made a gift for yet. This would be great for her as well - won't it?!

Ok - hope you all are having a GRAND Daddy's Day today....

Hugs n' Aloha