June 9, 2007

Appetizer Swaps - Received!!!

Hello, hope everyone is having a grand Saturday morning today... I have a "Scrap Session" this morning, so I'm trying to hurry and post this, as ladies will be arriving in 30 minutes.

My 6x6 Appetizer Swap was a success, it took a while, but it was still successful! I thank all of you that participated, and look forward to everyone participating again in any of my other swaps. If you'd like to join any of my swaps - just ck for my side bar, and any of those that are still "OPEN" you are welcome to join. Unfortunately, at this time - there isn't any open. But, in the future - just ck back, and you'll know what to do then.

So, this swap was for a 6x6 Recipe Swap, and the theme was "Appetizers" this time. This is the 3rd round that I'm doing of this type of swap, and I am so happy that my recipe book is really filling up with all these delicious artwork n' recipes!

I first made a 6x6 swap for "Vietnamese Spring Roll". It is pictured here. The recipe was so long, that I had to make it "card like" so that when you open up the page, then the "to do" part would be on the inside. I stamped the word "SPRING" in a way that would look like it's "rolling" - hence the name of the recipe. I used my CB embossing folder of a butterfly, which is a mini folder. Then went over it with my white gel souffle' pen.

Well after I received everyone's swap - I saw how pretty and glamourous everyone's swap were - and I thought that mines was just to plain. I didn't want to be the "talk of the swap" (we all know that there has been at least one time in anyone's swapping days that there is a "talk of the swap")...ahhhh... especially because I'm the host. See, that makes it even worse. But being the host gives me a benefit of being able to create another one last minute, and make it just as pretty n' glamourous as the others.

Therefore, I reached for my "Mister Crabby Pants" stamp set (which by the way has been renamed by my blog sistah, Dawn). This is the very first time I reached for this set, infact - it wasn't even mounted yet. But I wanted to use him... so that is the only one that I mounted. Anyways, I had to look for another recipe that would use up less space, and a perfect one at that - to match my Mister Crabby Pants stamp - "Hot Crab Spread". I also used a piece of DS paper from SU!'s Party Pieces Simply Scrappin' set... it went so well with it. But I gotta tell ya, when I first saw Mister Crabby Pants in the Spring Mini Catalog, I had no intentions of buying that set. I thought to myself...."gee, it's going to get boring making a card with a RED crab on it all the time"... get it?! I thought I could only color my crab RED!!! A red crab - just like the one on Tamashiro Market's sign and t-shirts (see insets) (it's a fish, crab, lobster n' gorcery store here on Oahu!)....But - I was totally inspired by Dawn's Crabby Pants gallery - and I know you will be too. I bet Stampin' Up! sold a lot of Mr Crabby Pants stamp sets....thanks to Ms. Dawn.... you go girl!!!

Well, here is what my 2nd attempt turned out like.... thank you Dawn, for all of your Crabby Pants inspirations!!! {{hugs, hugs}} I gave every participant 1 of my 1st attempt swaps, and these swaps below....

Info: CS - All SU!: Glorious Green, Ultra White, Only Orange; Inks: Black; Only Orange; Glorious Green; DS Paper: Party Pieces; Ribbon: Offray (which I recently bought during a ribbon craze!!!).

To view everyone else's swap - just click here >>>> 6x6 Appetizer Swap

Just a quick note - thanks for everyone's comments these last couple of days! They all bring smiles to my face, and laughter into my life. Please keep them coming.

Ok - someone is here... so it's time to go!!

I got some RAK's that came in, so stop on back later on to view them.

Have an awesome Saturday!!!