June 20, 2007

3 Birds With 1 Crack

Yep... that's what I feel I've accomplished with this card. I especially made this card for my dahling "Indai Hanilie" - as of last night, she officially entered the "Mommy's Club". "Indai" means "Sweetie" in Visayan. Visayan is one of the many branches of the Filipino culture. Yep - I'm Filipino... did you think I was Hawaiian? I don't have 1 ounce of Hawaiian in my blood... My parents are from the Philippines, and they arrived in the State of Hawaii a couple of years before my brother n' I were born. Anyways, Hanilie and I, and yes, for all you local girls, her name is really Hanilie and not Hanilei like the town - it's pronounced "ha-nee-lee", anyways I've known this chicki way back in the hana-bada days (back in the 7th grade). We both bonded really close, cause we were both Visayans. There ain't much Visayans here, but it's not like we were trying to start a club or anything like that. Just that it was something we had in common, ya' know?! She has moved to San Francisco almost about 14 years now, and we'd get together whenever she returns. I have been meaning to make this card for her for a while now... but it just hasn't come to me. And now, it finally has. hahaha... So here's a card for my Indai Hanilie, who gave birth to a baby girl, a big one too 8 lbs, 2 ounces!!! Ouch!!! She named her daughter, "Eilinah".... sounds so Hawaiian, and original doesn't it? It's actually HER name spelt BACKWARDS!!! How cool is that?!

Ok - well the other 2 reasons why I made this card was for 1, Maria's "TIC" which stands for "Tuesday's Inspirational Challenge". This is her 1st TIC Challenge, and it is to create a card using 5 or more layers.... not sure if I've accomplished it, but I'll have to see if she's going to accept it. I've also used this card for a sketch challenge on Tracy's site, "Tracy's Happy Place". Her sketch can be found here - and the thing is, you must use a Bella stamp for her challenge.

So there you have it - my creation for today... hopefully I can whip up a few more before I go to bed. But we'll see... right now I gotta go look for stuffs for my 9000 hits giveaway (OMGawd!!!!)...