May 11, 2007

Yay!!! I've Got Goodies In The Mail!!!

I've posted 4 blogs before this one - and I don't know how much Feedblitz is going to pick up - so, be sure to check out my previous blogs, but scrolling down, down, down, cause one of them is for Sweet Candi Pieces!!!!

OK, so I just had to share about what I received today in the mail, oh, and not only that - what I got while out shopping today. Well the thing is... I put in this order about a week and a half ago - and I think my order was sooo huge (I put the order in for other's as well), that she had to order more from the factory - so in the end, I had to wait forever.... because I got tired of waiting - I needed something to give to myself on Mother's Day (ah yes..... these special occasions come in handy for gifts that you "need" - you should try it too!!!), so I went to WalMart and got me some stuffs... Blings (green, pink n' blue ones) n' Glitter Pens..... don't ask, I don't know yet.

Then when I got home, to my surprise - the mail woman had a surprise for me waiting on my doorsteps... wow!!! She's a real sweetie, delivering my goodies right before Mother's Day!!! What a delightful treat!!! So here they are.... 3 Cricut cartridges... I don't remember what they are called, just look closely at my photo, and you'll find out. Also some CB dies and more embossing folders. ... my 2nd shipment of Bellas hasn't come knockin' on my door just yet, but I'm totally happy with these for now!!! I shouldn't have any excuse as to not being able to create projects for a long time, huh?! Wish me luck with that one!!! It's sooo much more easier to buy than to utilize them... I will work on more SU! retiring sets this weekend....and maybe even using some of these goodies that just came in!!!
Come on back to check and see what I'm doing with them.
BTW - Ladies of the Island... Fisher's is having a sale on the Big Shot machine - I believe it is the starter kit, selling for $60. This is pretty good, and you should get it while you can... I don't know if it's made it off the ship yet....but you can check them out or call before you go down there. It'll make you smile ear to ear when you emboss your CB folders.... sheer happiness n' warmth will fill you all over.
Ok - I've blogged enough... I'm off to bed. Because I blogged for most of the evening tonight, don't be disappointed if you don't see any new projects here tomorrow... I think I'm going to sleep in (at least try to - for once).... It's Mama's Day Weekend, Baby!!! Let's take a nap!!!