May 14, 2007

***WINNER*** Mama's Day CANDi Pieces Giveaway

Thank You!!! Thank You!!!! Thank You!!!! Everyone had such beautiful sweet comments to say, and I couldn't ask for anything more, especially to receive all of your sweetness on Mama's Day - I was smilin' from cheek to cheek whenever I received a new comment. You are all the best!!!

For this Candi Pieces, I had my mom pick a name out of a container.... she's so cute, she didn't want to do it - kept asking me, "What is this for?", and "Why do I have to do it?", "What's going to happen to me, am I not going to me liked by your friends if I don't pull their name?". She kept giggling the whole time through telling me that she doesn't know why she has to do it (now imagine all that with a Filipino accent (a slight one). But she finally agreed after I told her that it's just a lil' Mama's Day giveaway to a lucky Mama out there. So here is who she pulled:

"Miranda of Kailua, Hawaii"

Miranda, please email me your snail mail addy, so that I can send off your goodies RIGHT AWAY!!!

Thanks again for playing all.... see ya again in another 600+ hits!!!