May 25, 2007

Tutorial Of Insert For Mama Day's Purse

Ok all.... you will be happy to know that I've finished all 6 sample projects of my make n' takes, but I still have to make the kits. I'll probably do them tonight, when the kids are sleeping. I hafta make 25 kits!!! Yay!!! That's a whole bunch of peeps showing up at my house on Sunday, huh?! Well, 17 are accounted for - so whomever decides to come and wanna do the MnT's at least I'll have some extras!!!

Anyways, I've had several requests to make a tutorial for the insert of my Mama Day's Purse, which I used the Au' Chocolat DS paper on. It's really very simple, and you will love how easy it is to do!!! So here we go:

Here are the supplies that you'll need. Your paper cutter, 2: 8-1/2 x 11 Chocolate CS, DS Paper, scoring tool (stylus), mono adhesive n' ribbon.

Now, take your cardstocks, and cut both in half the long way at 4-1/4". You will now have 4 pieces. You will only use 3 (use the other piece to make a stand alone card).
Score the 3 pieces of cardstock at 5-1/2" each (like you're making a long or standing card). Sorry about Mr. Sun....
Now, you are to connect the cards. Start by connecting the left flap of one card to the right flap of another.

Then take the other card, and connect the right flap to the left flap.

You'll now have 4 flaps in front of you - with 1 connecting them both together in the mid section.
Fold accordian style...
Then decorate with your DS paper.

All Done!!!