May 2, 2007

Thank You Card Ideas

My sister asked me a few days ago, if I could think up some cards for her co-worker. Her co-worker is in need for "Thank You" cards for her baby's 1st birthday. She had originally provided me with a sunflower punch - but the punch that she gave me was unfortunately disfunctional. I even tried to run foil through it, thinking it was dull - cause it wasn't punching through paper (thin ones). After that, I've realized that the punch was actually ruining the paper as well. So that was out the door. Well, I wanted to keep the theme of "sunflower" in the picture - so I came up with what I thought might work. I'm providing her 3 samples to choose from, and these are the 3:

Sunflower Card

This is a sunflower stamp that I "masked" (I will have a tutorial on here later on how I did this). But doesn't it look too elegant for a baby's 1st birthday thank you? I'm going to give her this option anyways, cause you never know, right?

Lil' Princess

Then I turned to my CB embossing folder... thought maybe she might like this look? The flower doesn't look much like a sunflower - but hey, it is a flower, right? hahaha.....

Butterflies Thank You!

And last - I went with something totally out of the idea of sunflowers. Just thought I'd throw this one out at her as well - as it is much simplier, and still cute for a baby's thank you....

Thanks for looking, and those of you that voted on your card - I will reveal the results later.