May 1, 2007

Tagged Again!!!

I was tagged again {{giggle}}, by Dawn of Dawn's Stamping Thoughts, I did this tag once already >>> A Game Of Tag, so now I have to think of 7 more stuffs about me - so here they are....

1. I am deathly afraid of roaches, easpecially the big flying ones, like we have here in Hawaii - they are called "B-52's). My hubby was away on a business trip once, I had just gotten home from my mom's - it was late one evening. When I entered my garage (we have an open garage), there were several roaches on the wall, and ceiling. {{{chicken skin!!!}}}, my baby was only 6 months old at that time, and still in a "carrier" type carseat. My eldest son (8 at that time) and I stood outside of our house for at least 45 minutes before finally frantically running into the house, and hoping that none of the roaches would try and fly to us!!! {{{Gives me shivers just thinking about that night!!!}}}

2. I do not enjoy shopping for clothes. Yea, I know - it's strange... it's just "not me"... I hate having to try things on, and trying to match outfits here n' there.... my hubby does great clothes shopping for me. Now, if you were to take me into an electronic store - that's a different story!! That's MY KINDA STORE!!! I love to have gadgets, gadgets, gadgets!!!! If you know me... you'll agree!!! I am sure to have some kinda gadget that will function electronically on me - wether it be my cellular phone, or my micro-computer!! Those things are definitely right up my alley.

3. I am amazed at the amount of stampers and scrappers that share the same passion that I do. It just shows, by looking at my guestbook & cluster map, how this passion is shared World Wide!!! I'm thankful that I am a part of a huge group of people that love love love what we do. It makes you feel sooo good inside - it's amazing. I'm totally waiting for someone from Africa to view my page - lol!! Why!? Cause then I'm going to be trippin' thinking that it might be Angelina n' Brad Pitt!!!!! WOWZER!!!!

4. I have been off of this island and out of this state less than 10 times, and I'm only flown to the West Coast. I don't like flying in airplanes, I get really sick to my stomach right before lift off. It's probably because I'm hyperventilating.

5. I got my driver's license at age 30! I used to catch the bus everywhere I went, and honestly, I didn't mind at all. Now that I'm driving, I find that I'm less tolerant of others. It takes a lot of energy to be a happy driver. I push myself to be happier than the person driving in front or in back of me. I remind myself that the person in that car could very well share the same passion of stamp n' scrappin' that I do... and it makes it all better {{{for me at least}}}!!! I'm corny!!!

6. As you can tell, from #3, I am a totally "Star Strucked" person... I would probably get all excited when I see a star, and just smile from ear to ear - like a fricken freak clown, huh!? Ummm, I'm jealous of my husband, cause when he travels, he sees at least 1 star where ever he's at!!! I'm like - what the heck?! Don't I get some star luck?!?! He's had dinner next to the booth of the "Lost" characters "Charlie" and "Kate" here in Hawaii, he's shaken the hand of "Xibit" at Vegas (he even got him to sign his deck of cards!!!!), he's seen numerous sport stars up front, shake their hands kinda deal....hahaa... like Peyten Manning and his dad... and I'm like, "did you get an autograph? - did you take a picture with them?"... he says, "are you crazy? they don't wanna be bothered with that..." He's just not star strucked like I am.... hooo hummm... lucky him.

7. I used to believe that my family was a mafia family... long story short - because my dad has only 1 eye (due to a motorcycle accident), he always wore dark shades to hide this funky looking eye. I was told that he was "The Godfather" by my brothers n' sisters (I'm the youngest of 6!!).... I believed them, untill one day he took his glasses off, and I seen what horror lay behind those lenses. lol! It's not even horror to me anymore - his eye just looks closed all the time... what a sucka I was, huh?!

This took me FOREVER to do, as I was tagged over a week ago, I couldn't think of stuffs, ya know?! It wasn't coming to me..... Anyways, because I know that most of you have already been tagged - I am NOT going to pass on the tag to anyone else. Before you know it, it may all turn out to be a"Glamorous Tagging Bloggette World" - and I don't want that to happen.... thanks for taking the time to read about the lil' craziness that goes on in my world. I'm sure you have some crazy stories yourself!!!