May 12, 2007

SAB Swap - Here are the photos....

Happy Saturday Morning Glamorous Bloggettes!

I have been meaning to post these photos of the most recent swap that I've hosted, which was the SAB 2007 Swap. We had only 4 participants, but it was good, since we only had a small amount of swaps to create.

By: Cheryl U.
By: Kelly T. By: Teri S. (Big Ideas From A Little Girl)

and By: Me
***Blogging Tip: Hey.... just thought I'd share this - you probably already know this, but who knows, someone out there might not know. Anyways - you know how when you upload multiple photos on blogspot they all end up at the very top of your post after uploading? Well, I used to have to drag each photo one by one to where I want it to be. I just found out that if you have a bunch of photos, and you want them to all be in the same area (left, right or center), then simply highlight ALL photos, then drag them all down after your postings. I found this out by aki-dent so toot by horn, will ya?! toot! toot!!