May 27, 2007

Retirement Party Cards Revealed & Available

Ohhhh sisters.... I am sooo pooped!!! I feel like falling asleep right here on my chair, and just going to bed. But I wanted to blog first about today's crazy retirement party event. It was a very successful event, and everyone went home happy. The house was a lil' cozy... and I think I had too much people on 1 table. BUT - all went well, and everyone went home happily ever after. Oh my! Can you tell I'm sleepy? Ok... here are the photos of the cards we made today. Sorry - on one of the tags, there is a black ink smudge - this isn't a trick, or technique. It's simply ink getting on card by mistake type of technique. But I was tooo tired to take a picture of another created one.

I have several kits left, and available for purchase. If you're interested in purchasing a kit, please let me know by either commenting here, or emailing me. I am selling these either as assembled ($20 USD), or unassembled ($15 USD). If you purchase them unassembled, I will provide you with a sample of a photo copy of each of these cards, the stamped images along with the rest of the kits. Shipping is included to anywhere in USA, please add $2 for Canada residents.

Thanks!!!! I am totally pooped, and still trying to get over this cold. Hope everyone has an awesome Memorial Day tomorrow - I think we're heading to the beach... we'll see..... G'night!!!