May 24, 2007

My Cuttlebug Session Yesterday......

WAS CANCELLED!!!! What!? Gasp?! How come?! Well, I had a sore throat when I got up yesterday, and didn't want to pass on my germs to the ladies that were coming. SO - instead, I had them pick up the kits that were already prepped, and take it over to Ms. Wini's house (you know, my Mama Wini?! - yep, same lady....). Anyways, it all worked out, cause they were heading to her house anyways, so - perfect!! They had great guidance, and most of all, they still made out since they were in an air condition'd home! Tee hee....
As for me, I was supposed to rest. But come on... we all know with a 2 year old, there is no resting allowed!!! So, instead - I took my lil' shorty to the park, and then when we got home, he wanted to "water plants outside pleeeeeese!".... so that's where we ended up for the rest of the day.

Then I was planning to post the photos of yesterday's scheduled session - but before I could do that, we were honored with the presence of a cock-a-roach!!!! Eeeeeeek!!! OMGawd!!! You wouldn't believe the size of this beast!!! At first, Cy was saying "I see lady bug now...", and he said it twice, however, I ignored him, cause I was trying to post this blog. Then, I could see him from the corner of my eye moving on to the dining table, and by this time - he's whimpering, and saying, "I see lady bug now...", and I got up - and said, "ok, where... where's the lady bug? Is it a BEEG lady bug?!" - he said "yea", and said, "but where?!" - I pointed to where he was looking, because I didn't see anything... he goes "right there....", and at the same time - this BEAST, A Fricken '"747" Roach comes crawling out from under the coffee table (you know, the kine with wings?!)..... the loudest "screach" of somewhat a scream was coming out of my mouth!!! I am deathly afraid of roaches!!! I yelled for Chazz, but guess what?! He was on the dang toilet!!!! So what'd I do - I grabbed slippers, and shoes, heavy ones - and started throwing them at the bug. Hahaha... it wasn't working. Actually, it kinda was - cause it started stampering more. I had chicken skin ALL OVER!!! I even grabbed this week's Sunday paper (which was still unread, and still in it's rubber banded formed), and threw it on the bug... it bounced off, and didn't even kill it. I was sick!!! How in the world was I going to kill this thing that was so fricken disgusting!!! By this time, Chazz finally gets out - and I'm yelling at him, "kill it!!! kill it, babe!!!".... hahaha - but guess what?! Chazz was scared too! What a hilarious scene that was going on at that moment! The bug ran under the sofa, then I dashed off to get the bug spray. Got back, sprayed under the sofa - and then saw it come stampering out again!!! This time Chazz was brave enough to whack it with a slipper. Hah! It took awhile, but he's still my hero!!! Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the bug that took up 30 minutes of my afternoon.... didn't think the locals would want to reminice to that!!!

Anyways, then dinner approached... I didn't cook, cause I wanted to have Vietnamese "Pho" - it's soup.... most of you all know that. However, what you don't know is that it really isn't promounced "Fo" like how you're reading it, it's actually pronounced "Fa" like, "Fa, Fa, Away"... yes... it cracks me up - but at some Vietnamese restaurants, they will say "Fo" for you, cause it just makes it easier for all of us... my MIL will be proud of me that I've posted this here. The Pho was to help with my throat. Heat is always good, right?! After dinner, American Idol came on, glad to hear that Jordin has won. She's so talented. Then LOST!!! I saw bits n' pieces of it... but it was a trippy episode, don't cha agree?! Now, the flashbacks weren't flashbacks - they were flash fowards.... wow.... they really know how to capture people's attention, and poor Charlie. I didn't want him to die.... that sucks. I hope he comes back by some miracle. I mean, that guy with the eye patch did, why can't Charlie?! Hey, but maybe he will?! Remember Desmond had a flashback where Charlie was on the streets playing guitar? That could've been a flash forward right?!

Ok, so I hit the sack after the show, and wasn't able to post the projects untill today... so here they are - thanks for reading through my whole story about yesterday!

This graduation card was made for Moanalua High School... colors are Silver, White n' Royal Blue. I did some research online, and found a site where they have the colors for all schools (in Hawaii that is). So all you sisters that are making grad cards right about this time, and need to know what color a certain high school is, check it out here: Schools Info Hawaii. Schools are listed alphabetically, so you shouldn't have a problem locating the school you want.

Recipe: I used the Cb Embossing folder "Congrats A2", and the #'s were cut out using my cricut, "George n' Basic Shapes" was the cartridge - which came with the machine. CS are Brilliant Blue, Ultra White and Silver from SU!, Silver Brads also from SU! WM by me...

This card was inspired by Sue Nelson.

Yes, I know - it's not even winter yet, but I thought this was so simple n' elegant, didn't see how I couldn't NOT show the ladies this one. Had to, cause we're always looking for simple, easy to do projects that won't take up too much time, especially when it comes to Christmas.

Recipe: CB Mini Embossing Folder "Winter", sentiment "Happy Holidays" is from SU! (can't remember what set - cause it was an "out of the box-by Cy" set. I did the embossing on another piece of CS (by Bazzill Basics), cut out, then applied to the card itself. Then embossed the envelope.

Card inspired by Sue Nelson.

Then I had something different, a tag for them to do.
Recipe: CS, Big Brad and Silk Flower are all of Bazzill Basics, Organdy Ribbon - Offray, CB folder is "Swirls", BG Paper is DCWV, and "J" was created using my cricut from the "George" cartridge.
This one, I thought of on my own.
Now, if you're wondering "who the heck is Sue Nelson?" - well, I found her while searching for ideas the other night, for some CB creations. She's over at She's got a whole gallery of other stuffs too, so when you get a chance, go and check her site out - cause you will definitely be inspired!!! Here is another card that she's inspired me to create. I'm such a copy cater, huh?! Well, it's beautiful that's why - I had to CASE it and see if my hands could do the same magic. It was pretty close... hee hee....
Recipe: CS: Bazzill Basic, Ribbon - Offray, CB folder "Stylized Flower". Used SU! Chalk for coloring - I need more practice though!
Card Inspired by.... Sue Nelson - now that you've seen mines, go and check her's out!!!