May 2, 2007

Masking....A Simple Tutorial

Ok ladies - as promised, here is the tutorial on "Masking". I wanted to do this tutorial for all of you out there to show how easy it is - although sometimes time consuming. Also because I want to get on Alli's page for another reason other than offering Candi Pieces all the time.

"Masking" is being able to provide a look that shows your images overlapping, but not directly on top of each other, thus creating a clean and undisturbed look of your masterpiece. I did the masking on one of the cards that I previously posted. (Sunflower). Masking works anytime you need it to.

Here we go....

1st Stamp your image on a thin piece of paper. You want to stamp it on a paper as thin as possible, because you don't want that lil' gap that a thicker paper would apply.

Then cut out the image that is stamped on the thin piece of paper. Cut close, precise, and outside the border. (This is the long-drawn out part).

Then stamp your 1st image on your cardstock where you want it placed.

Now, take the stamped cut out piece, and simply put it right over the image that is stamped on your cardstock. This is the "masking" process.

Now stamp your second image without a doubt in your mind that you will be ruining the 1st image. Tah Dah!!!

Here's the completed card. I used Watercolor Crayons for coloring, and the aqua pen to blend the colors. Black, Handsome Hunter, Summer Sun, and Pumpkin Pie Classic Ink, Ultra White & Summer Sun CS.

**Some Tips: Keep all your cut out images in an envelope or container - so that if you want to mask again, you don't have to cut the image out again. Stamp your image on a post-it note to help it stick to the image your masking. Also - if you are planning on masking only 1 side of your image, cut time down by just cutting out that section of the stamp (you'd cut out the entire image, just cut the border part precisely on the side you're going to mask) - that's what I'd do if I was in a rush....

Pretty easy, huh?!

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