May 14, 2007

Mama's Day Gifts n' Cards....

So how was everyone's Mama's Day?! I must say, you all were so sweet to stop on by, and do a lil' shout out to me... really made me feel like I was on the top of the hill.... Thank you all for all of that.

I got some special goodies on Mama's Day too, from my gang here at home. Remember I blogged about making omelette's the morning of Mama's Day? Well, I dunno about you, but on this day, it's as though I want to live up to that "Mama" standard ya know? For me, Mama's Day reminds me about how thankful I am to even be a Mommy, ya know? It's a previlage. I mean, really, without my kiddies, I wouldn't even be a Mommy, right?! Yes they drive to the point of screaming n' pullin' my hairs out - but isn't that all a part of mommyhood? So in a way, on that day - by making them a lil' sumptin' sumptin', I put smiles of their faces, and I'm also secretly thanking them for making me a Mommy. I think I'd get too emotional if I'd have to say that to I put it in a pan, and make it into omelette's. Hah! But nuff of that mushy stuff - on to the goods that I got.....

Charlie, the man of the house, and of my dreams, got me a 2 GB USB Hard Drive... he knows me sooo well. It's a lil' gadget that I can store data onto, and then take with me wherever I want to. I can transfer photos, music, movies anything that is within the 2 GB limit on this tiny lil' device, and take to any other computer...blah, blah, blah...

My oldest son, Chazz - who turns 11 in 3 hours (OMG!!!!), grew this plant here 2 weeks before Mama's Day, and gave it to me all sprouty looking. I'm going to post a slide show on this site later, so we can all see it grow daily. Wouldn't that be a tripp?! But it was such a sweet gesture - he's my sweetie pie! Oh yea, I can't forget to mention this bookmark that he also gave me, it had a photo of himself on it....I totally luv it!!!

My baby boy, Cyrus - who is 2-1/2 years old, well - he didn't get me anything, of course, he couldn't... he's too young... but hey, mommy's here to help him out a bit...this is a peek into the bag of what he got me (oh, daddy paid for it - but he doesn't know it yet).... I'll reveal more of them later!

My niece, who I watch and scold like she's my own daughter, picked out a card, and bought with her own money (so proud of her!), and gave it to me **sigh** her "Darling Auntie"...oh, I gotta tell ya, your heart just melts when you know you're trying to straighten up this kid (by being very stern), and instead of retaliating, she gives me love instead. It tells me that she really appreciates all that I am doing for her.

I also received this cute dog-gone card from my sister Teri.... using her CB embossing folders and die cuts.... "meow"..... I say, "Meow" cause she loves Kitty's.... I'm the doggie girl, so that's exactly what she sent me. The frame part slides right off, and then the card opens up. Such a sweetie!!!

Hope everyone had a sweet day like I did.... and many more to come!!!