May 4, 2007

Happy Aloha Friday & Happy May Day Too!!!!

I haven't been on here for awhile, huh?! Like, 2 days?! That's a looong time for me... hahaha - I have been quite busy the last 2 days. Yesterday, I headed to Mama Wini's house (she just got back from a family trip), so I went on over to help her out with some computer stuffs. Then she showed me the tutorial on Joyce's scrapbook purse - shame on me, I posted it for Joyce, and I didn't even try it out. Ok, so I finally got to do it but I'm not done, so I'll post it later.

Then today... it was May Day Performances for my older son's school. May Day is something us locals celebrate here in Hawaii to celebrate our cultures, and our heritage, of what the state is made up of...Hawaiians, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipinos, and soooo much more!!! Back in the days when I was in elementary, each grade would perform some kind of dance as a group of the culture that they represented (Filipinos would dance the Taningkling....sp?)... Anyways the 6th graders would always represent the "Hawaiian Royal Court" where there would be a King and a Queen, and 8 Princesses to represent each of the islands in the state. There would be a huge ceremony, and we'd all get dressed up. {{{I was the Princess of Niihau - one of the teeny weeny islands!!!}}}... each grade would perform for the Royal Court, and at the end of the ceremony, the Royal Princesses would be the last to perform their dance for the King and Queen. OMG!!!! I even found a picture of me... check it out... my hair was sooo long, even back then, and look at that - I didn't even have chi-chi's (boobs) back then!!

Well... nowadays, the May Day performances aren't the same... they don't do the huge sha-bang, Royal Court kinda celebration, instead - it's just sorta like a "talent show" for each grade. Looks like times have change, and we just gotta go with the flow. This year, my son's school were performing "musicals", and his grade performed "Grease" (here's a pic of my "lil' greaser" - I stood in the hot sun, video taping his class performance, and had chicken skin all over {{{feeling good inside n' out}}}, and it just brought back childhood memories, ya know? Dancing together in unison (so we thought), and just having a great time on the huge field in front of the school campus, with all of our relatives watching nearby. It felt good. Now, my 1st baby boy is growing up, and experiencing the same thing that I did back in elementary. I know he felt good performing too!!

After school, I shared with him all about the good ol' days when I was his age, and about how we celebrated our May Day.... he was in awe and bewilderment as I told him why we celebrated May Day the way we did, and I even have a picture to prove it!!! So, you see even though the performances are significantly different between my days and his, we both know that we've got the same feelings out of this very special day celebrated in Hawaii. And that's what matters most!!

I'll post my purse later today... so come on back to view it - I just had to share this beautiful day with ya all, since it's May Day here in Hawaii, you know me - just wanna spread the ALOHA!!!