May 19, 2007

Had My Nails Done & Update On Chazz' Bday Party

It's 10:20 p.m. right now, and the household is sleeping. I can't believe that I'm the only ONE awake!!! NO WAY!!! WAY!!!! I feel like I haven't been my ol' glamorous bloggette self... I've been buying way tooo much stuff, and not making use of them fast enough. (Am I feeling guilty?.... of course not!). I've also been slacking in posting - it's like I don't have anything to say to myself anymore. Actually, what it is, is that reality always sinks in... you've got to take care of what is in front of you first, which is my family. So anyways, now that they are asleep - I think I'm going to play a little. But first, wanted to share with you my nails, since I've got them done today. Yes - after Chazz' party, Cy fell asleep on the ride home (I just knew he would), took him into the house, and slipped out a bit while the kids n' my hubby stayed home. It was a relaxing 3 hours away from home. Infact, I started falling asleep while the guy was filing my nails.... I don't usually do that. Well, I won't spare you any longer... so here they are....

I loved how they turned out... they actually look like butterflies from this photo angle, but it's a simple 2 petal flower, with a bling right in the middle. I'm so all about glam when it comes to my nails {{must be the Filipino blood, or Oriental by injection....}} Although they are way shorter than usual.... it's still so very pretty!

Chazz' party was a blast. The kids had a great time, and so did I! Yes, I was in those bouncers jumping, and just having a grand time with the kids, and my baby boys. It was so much fun! I just hope I don't wake up with sore muscles tomorrow from all that bumping and jumping I was doing during those short 2 hours!. When we first got there, the sound in the room was soooo loud, and it scared Cyrus. He was holding on to me for dear life! His arms hugged me tightly around my neck, and his legs had a good grip on my waist. It was sooo cute, I was enjoying that he was scared, cause he was hugging me so tight! Ha! {{you'd hafta be a mom to understand that...}} Well, after going around to some of the bouncers, he eventually warmed up to them. So cute, he even worked up enough courage to slide down the big sliders by HIMSELF!!! I caught it on tape, and on camera! He looked like he was having a blast - his hair flying in the air, with a huge smile right across his face. It tickles me to just think about it.

Chazz was having a grand time himself. He totally enjoyed his time with his friends. I gotta tell ya - if you wanna have a carefree party, you gotta try it out at Leapin' Lizards. They take care of everything... the set up, the clean up - they supervise all the kids, and are so great with them. They serve the pizzas, and the drinks. You can guarantee that I will definitely take my kids back there again for some partying fun!!! Great selection of party location, Chazzy Boy!!!

Well - I want to take advantage of this quite time... so I'm going to get my butt into gear, and stamp a little. I'm working on my swaps - but I'm going to give it a break, and work on something meatier. Come on back and see for yourself what it is.