May 11, 2007

Easy Pot Roast Recipe

My hubby has had numerous clients in town for the past 3 weeks now - and he has been entertaining these people, dining out at restaurants every night, and hasn't had a taste of my home cooking for a long long time. So, tonight, he is returning home, and is all mines (at least for another 3-4 weeks)... so I wanted to make him a yummy home cooked meal, that would make him think that I slaved all day in the kitchen for him. But really, I didn't. I love cooking these kinda meals, cause the prepping is super easy, and then it cooks - for a very long time, but you don't have to do anything else, except to wait. That's exactly what I did for this dish. I know he will enjoy it!!!


4-6 lbs chuck roast

1 (10 oz) can french onion soup

1 (1 oz) pkg dry onion soup

4-6 potatoes, peeled, quarted / Carrots & Celery can be added too!!!

To Do:

Place roast on large sheet of heavy-duty foil. Combine soup and soup mix and cover roast with soup mixture. Add potatoes and secure edges of foil tightly. Bake at 350 degress for 3-4 hours.

***Yummy - after baking in the over for about 3 hours, my roast was nice n' tender - the meat just fell right apart. This is a great meal to make on Wednesdays, since school days are over early on this day. Just a thought for you local gals...

Broke da mout'!!!

On Mother's Day, I'm going to make Pumpkin Crunch for dessert - come on back and see how it turns out.... oh, you're going to loooove this one!!! I'm especially doing it for Mz. Maria in Cali!! Cause I know you'll love it girl!!!