May 5, 2007

Birthday Card for Boy & Some Play Time Last Night

I'm back!!! Didn't think I'd be back so soon, huh?! Well, I needed to make a birthday card for the birthday boy today. I tell ya, cards for boys are sooo much harder to create. For me, at least. But with the cuttlebug embossing folders, I'm finding it much easier to do. Thank goodness! SO here is my card, I pretty much followed the same lay out that I had on that 1st birthday card I made with this CB folder. My wheels aren't turning too much this early morning. Besides, I was up late with Teri!! She came on over, and hung out with me, and we talked stories, and shopped again for CB stuffs. I think that's it for now, for me at least (yea right!). I sure hope that Provo Craft comes out with more designs, cause I can't get enough of any of these!! Hahaha!!! Oh! You have to check out Jean's blog, she's just as crazy about these babies as I am - you can easily tell how she squeals with delight.... but before you head to her blog, here's the picture of Teri n' I (which we took on our own) I was showing her how to take photos of herself - hahaha, we'll have to see if we start seeing some close up of her on her blog. It almost felt like she was going to sleep over. When hubby goes on a business trip again, she may just do that! Hah! That would be a loooong night of fun, huh? I wonder if we'll even sleep!!