May 21, 2007

CANDi Pieces - 4000 Hits!!!

WOW!!!! I'm climbing that ladder of hits pretty quickly.... sorry - I did post this Candi earlier, but something was wrong with my comment box, and it wasn't allowing others to comment. I think I've fixed it now... so here we go again!!!

In order for you to qualify for these Sweet Candi Pieces, post your creation using your Cuttle Bug (embossing folders, or dies) on the web, and leave me a comment here with your name and the URL to your card. I LOVE to have more CB ideas, so this will truly help me out!! I will put everyone's name into a bucket, and have Chazz pull a name out on Wednesday night (Hawaiian time). Aloha, and Thanks for Playing!!!

4K Hits - 4 Items:

1) "The Me Book" from Autumn Leaves

2) Bag o' Beads

3) 3-Wery Wide Wibbons (1-1/2"), each 1 yard. **You can even die cut these... will show you one day!

4) 6 Love Notes cards & Envelopes (Remember These?!), you'll receive 2 Chocolate, 2 Pretty In Pink and 2 Naturals... with envelopes....

***Blog Tip: Did you know that you can UNDERLINE?! Yes, fortunately, this blog system is somewhat like "Word" program. So, even though you don't see the "U" icon above in your blog window, you can easily underline by clicking "Ctrl + U" before a word to start your underline, and clicking "Ctrl + U" after the word to end your underlining. You can also "highlight" what you want to underline, and then click on "Ctrl + U" to underline whatever you want to!!! I know... you might already know - but it's a tip for those that don't... I'm sure there are newbies out there....