April 22, 2007

What I Did Today (Sunday)

Aloha Sisters....

It's 6:15 p.m. Hawaii time... so half of the world is already in never-neverland dreamin' away. The rest of them are still awake reading/writing their blogs... tee hee...

Well - I've got soo much to write about this Sunday evening. Bare with me, and I hope you enjoy this post....

First off, I just wanna say that this blogging is so great - cause it's bringing those around the world together, and it's just so neat how it works. My previous post (Candi Pieces), a local girl from Hawaii posted a comment. She's living in Cali now, so I'm kinda like "family" away from home. So, when you have the chance, go and check her out - her namd is Maria, and she's got some awesome tutorials & ideas - but she's also been a blogger longer than me, so you've probably heard about her already.

I've decided that every Sunday, I'm going to roam around blog city, and check out the other gals that have been stopping by and posting a comment or email to my blog. I did that very thing today. It was like going around the world in 45 minutes. I left lil' messages on pages that I've visited. I had a lot of fun, and it was a change from gazing at my blog, and keep refreshing it to see if there is anybody else visiting, or if my hit count goes up one or more.

Last night, my sistah Corrina stopped by to pick up her swap. This was the 6x6 Recipe swap for Desserts. That ended the end of March. She only came by yesterday. That's cause I've only told her about it the day before. But it's ok - we're pretty much laid back here. Anyways, she shows up - and I just **HAD** to share with her my cuttlebug excitement. Showed her all the folders, and how easy it is to create... but I was surprised when she said, "No more stamps, huh? Enough with Stampin' Up!?".... hahahha.... I answered right away, quite quickly too - "nooooo, of course there is still plenty of room for Stampin' Up!... they'll go together JUST GREAT!!!". So, I had to create this card for my sistah.... to show her how well Stampin' Up! (and practically everything else that I own) will go great with any CB stuff. This card is for you, Corrina. Actually, it's literally for you - you'll be receiving one of them in the mail sometime next week. It's a "Thank You" card for the birthday gift that you gave me. My birthday was back in February - I think she gave me a gift sometime at the end of March (I told you were we're pretty laid back here). I'm late with her "Thank You" card too - but what timing for a CB enhanced card, huh? I made an extra one - just to use up the other half of my cardstock.

I was also getting all my cards together to send off to Dawn. She's collecting cards for troops in Iraq. I think I got together about 200+ cards. I was counting, and lost track. I've received card fronts from 3 of my constant donators - Mama Wini, Aunty Irene, and sistah Jean, plus some of mines. Most of them are cardfronts from swaps, and I've converted them to cards. So, Ms. D... if you're reading this blog - look out sistah, we're sending plenty of our Aloha your way..... Thank you ladies for all of your donations!!!

I've opened up my email to questions, and anything else for those that just wanna send something that is on their mind. I'll share with you once in awhile what people ask, and post my comment here as well. If you are choosen - I will send you a tiny candi piece.... I selected this email from Karla of Colorado, cause she asked a question pertaining to Hawaii (I won't select Hawaii questions all the time), but I thought this one was kinda funny....Karla asked, "Jen, I've heard so much about the local's in Hawaii having a 'Pidgeon' accent - what does this sound like - do you make a pidgeon sound, and can you share with us one day?" Here's my answer: Actually, it's not called 'Pidgeon' like the bird, nor do we make a pidgeon sound (what the heck does a pidgeon sound like anyways?), but it's refered to 'Pidgin', sorta like our own language, or more like "broken english". Some people may even think that because of the way we speak, we may be uneducated. But really - it's just another way to chit chat with others. As for sharing with you one day... the next paragraph is a sample of the way we speak in pidgin....enjoy!

Da kid wuz sick today, hanabadda, and coffing kine, an' wuz running 'round da house like he wuzn't even. Wen I went fo' go leave da house, he nevah like just go stay home wit da fadda li'dat. he make me lolo!!

Translating... My baby boy was sick today, and he had running nose as well as coughing. However, he still ran around the house as though he wasn't sick. As I was ready to leave the house today, he didn't want to stay at home with his father. I tell you, this kid drives me crazy!

Ok - nuff of that - but see how we break things down to make a less word type of sentence? Tee hee... send me more questions I loved hearing from all of you. Wether it pertains to crafting or just about me.... Karla - send me your address, and I will send your tiny candi right away!!! (1 question will be choosen every Sunday).

Moving on... my 7 year old neice sent us a "Thank You" card for helping her celebrate her birthday party couple weeks ago. I was sooo thrilled to find that she used the rubber stamps that I gave to her for this. Soooo cute - I just had to share it!!! Before long, she'll be a demonstrator, huh? It's never too early to start her (oh - oh, that sounds too cult like!!!).

Here are some other cards that I created today:

A birthday gift thank you card for my sistah Teri. I created this using the long notes - So Saffron. Ran the SU! designed paper through with my CB background, and sanded it to give it that sand off look. Stamped that foxy kitty-kat, cut it out very carefully, used glitter glue on her leash, and used green gel pen for kitty's eyes. I cut the "merci" with my Cricut using the "Other Than Birthdays" cartridge, then colored in it's entirety with the green gel pen. Ribbon is Close to Cocoa grosgrain.

A birthday card for my sistah Jane. The stamp is from Penny Black. I dug this one out from my store. Made the daisy flower 3-D - of course still on my CB high - used an embossing folder as it's background. I was in a water coloring mood today - can ya tell?!

One more birthday card, made for another sistah, Terry - her birthday is right around the corner. I was inspired off of the card featured on the front cover of SU!'s recent "On Stage" magazine.

Sorry, I was long winded tonight. But had to share everything what I did today. "See ya here tomorrow!!!