April 12, 2007

Sweet Blog Candy Pieces Giveaway & Jus' Blabbering Away....

Mood: Chocolate & Candy Cravings.....

Hello There Galmourous Bloggettes!!

I am totally loving the taste of milk chocolate and tart candy right about now.... is it because I'm having some PMS!?!? Yummy.... they just fit right in with my body's chemistry, ya know?! Is there anyone out there feeling exactly like me, right now, this very minute?!?! This milk chocolate is de-li-cious!!! (You can't use "Ono" here, cause it's a different type of "ono" yea, "ono" isn't usually used with candy or sweets... maybe if it was something baked.... then that would be "ono").

So anyways... I was at the doctors today... I thought, "hmmmm.... if I give the glamourous bloggettes the chance to guess what type of doctor I visited today, then they'd have the opportunity to win some Sweet Blog Candy Pieces".... so what'd ya think?! I can only give you 2 clues... the doctor said, "Open Wide..." (that was clue #1), the doctor was NOT a dentist (that was clue #2). Now, if you think you know me like you think you do, then you just might get this answer.... think about how "mento" (crazy) I am... and you will realize what type of doctor I saw. You will need to post your answer here in this thread. I will gather all correct answers, and use the selector located at random.org - also, if you haven't already done so, you'll need to sign my guest book (you don't have to upload a photo of yourself, you can upload a photo of your card, or something else of the sort if you're concerned about having your photo in the public's eye). Anyways, please follow these rules, cause I want to make sure everyone has their chance. So... here the simple rules again..... 1) post your guess in this thread, and 2) if you haven't already done so, please sign my guestbook! **Sorry, Mama Wini and Sistah Teri are disqualified from this giveaway, since you were both told where I was going today.....

My Sweet Blog Candy Pieces Basket is filled!!! Here is what you will be getting for this giveaway:

1 Take Ten - Winter 2007

1 Whipper Snapper Sticker (5 x 12): "Toddler Time"

1 Whipper Snapper Die (5 x 12): "Red Hot"

1 Whipper Snapper Die (5 x 12): "Daisies"

2 Yds Pink Polka Dots Ribbon

2 Yds Yellow Polka Dots Ribbon

1 pk of 3 large paper cilps - from Bazzill Basic Paper

1 Queen & Company Hook Ups - "Sonic Bloom"

1 Stampin' Up! NEW & Unmounted Stamp Set - "Cute As A Bug"

On another note... I'm totally excited because I've placed an order with Busy Bee Scrapbooking to receive a bunch of Cuttlebug stuffs!!! I can't wait!!! I can hardly contain myself!!! This site is the BOMB - especially because shipping to Hawaii (and enywhere in the US) is FREE if you order $100 or more. Come on now... we all KNOW that $100 can easily be ordered on any given day. If you live in the Hawaii area (Oahu preferrably), and want to order, but your order is less than $100 - you should ck with me first, cause I usually place group orders, and if it just so happens that I'm placing one, you are more than welcome to jump in on the order with the rest of us - that way we are all getting a deal on the shipping. Waaahooooo!!!!

When I had my FTLOS site, I had "Thoughts Of Kindness" every month - which I collected donated cards, and gave them to charities that I thought would love to receive them. Well, I didn't think that I would've been able to continue this, but found that I actually can continue this, as there are many of you that want to continue to donate!!! I'm so happy that I have you all in part of my circle of friends - I've never met any group with bigger hearts that want to share your aloha... "Thank You!!!". Therefore, this month - I am donating to the military, and sending donated cards their way so that they will be able to use these to send to their families back home. If you send in a card(s), please keep them blank on the inside, as they will use the space to write their own messages. The cards will be leaving my home on April 25th - so please send in your created cards ASAP!!!! You'll need to post to this thread, so that I can send you my address (if you don't already have it) through email.

Another thing that I'm going to be carrying over from my FTLOS are challenges.... probably just 1 Scrapbook Layout Challenge, and 1 Card Layout Challenge - there will be incentives for those that win these challenges. So, be on a lookout for when I post these challenges. What do you think about this? Will anyone be interested?

I have some projects that I need to get started on - lots a birthdays are coming up... and a baby shower too!! So, I've got to get started!!! Yee haaaaw!!!

Hope you all have a good night - see ya tomorrow!!! Don't forget to guess which type of doctor I visited today for a chance to win my Sweet Blog Candy Pieces!!!

Hugs to all....