April 18, 2007

Some Updates and Reminders....

Hello There!!!

Today, I was mostly out of the house running around filling appointments, and as soon as I got back home - I was busy on the computer setting up my online store! I wanted so bad to do something more with my CB stuffs - but I figured I had to get to work, and get my stuffs on site before I delay the transfer of my store any longer.

Anyways, please check it out... I've got Stamps, Paper, Tools and Accessories. Most of my stuffs are already up on the site, but I still have a few more to go.... you can check it out here: Little C's Gifts n' Things

Just a few reminders.... My Card Layout Challenge deadline is coming up... where's everyone's cards? Don't cha wanna challenge yourself? Are you going to let Allison win out right? **wink**

My Color Combo Challenge deadline is also right around the corner....

Tee Hee!!! It seems you'd rather see me challenge myself, and post the stuffs I create, rather than me challenging you.... am I suspecting correctly? Please share with me, so that I don't waste my time in thinking up these challenges. You can be honest. =0) I'm just trying to make it fun for us all - so tell me what you wanna see... challenges, tutorials, projects by me.... what else? You name it... I'm all ears.

Ok, I think I'm gonna go challenge myself and see if I can whip up another card with my CB stuffs.... stay tuned!!!