April 30, 2007

Question of the week...

The question of the week that I chose, was from Cheryl M. - she's the Glamorous Bloggette of "Life Is Sweet". Her question to me was: "How do you find time to make all these?!" (referring to some cards I posted last week). Here is your answer Cheryl... and to all other curious Glamorous Bloggettes:

I (like plenty other mama's out there), find time when baby is sleeping. Which means I'm either up early late at night - into the wee hour's, or playing during his nap. However, if I don't have an "image" in my head of what I want to create - nothing is going to happen either way! Also, Dishes, Housecleaning, Laundry will have to go on hold once in while {{{yes, I'm so, so, bad!!}} - but who cares?! My true friends that come over to my house is there to stamp and scrap with me and not judge me cause of my house! I love them all for that!!

Cheryl - send me your address... your teeny weeny candi piece will be mailed to you! Thanks for sending me your questions.