April 26, 2007

Plenty Of Goodies Received Today!!!

What a wonderful receiving day it was for me today!!! I got plenty of goodies that arrived in the in the mail, and some goodies from some of my sistahs! So wonderful!! I will tell you all about it here. First with the stuffs that came through the mail... I got my shipment of stuffs from Joanns.com {{{sorry Teri, I out this order in while you were out at sea}}}, I got a little bit more CB stuffs, a stack of paper (12x12 DCWV), and another paper set. I also received my Stampin' Up! order, which included the "Crab & Company", and "That's Nice" stamp sets. I also got the Chocolat paper series, so I was happy to see that in the box, oh and I ordered the "On Board Art Journal" - dunno what I'm going to do with that one yet, but since I have it now, I'm forced to use it. Oh My!!! I was so giddy upon receiving my box of Joanns.com and Stampin' Up!, {{giggles}} it took me awhile before I sorted through the mail and found out I had a lil' envelope from my sistah Joyce!!! What a sweetie - is this what you call a RAK? She sent me this package full of cut out purses, for me to use. But check out her packaging, ain't it too cute to open?! I'm going to let this one sit for awhile, Joyce - I have to adore the sweetness it bares within (or outside, in this case). I can tell that there are several different designed purses in there...sneaky, sneaky!!! Thanks Joyce!!

Earlier today, I did some deliveries. (The NEW Scrapbook to Cards came n' went), and one of my stops was to my sistah Teri!! Girlfriend has smothered me with gifts!!! What a wonderful day, ya know?! And it isn't even my birthday!!! First of all, she gave me this cute adorable backpack looking purse from Aruba!! You know, like "Aruba, Jamaica, ohhh I wanna take ya..." - how sweet, huh?! I love the colors, and just love how cute n' mini it is. I don't think I mentioned this - but I also collect miniatures - did you know this Teri?! Not sure if I told ya.... but this'll go great into my miniature display. I feel so special!!! Thank you soooo much my dear!!! OH, I can't leave out this awesome swap that she did for her 'WOW' Swap on the SU! Cruise. This girl is nuts... she made this for her swap, and made 80 of these!!! I am so fortunate that she made me one too.

I also stopped by my Aunty Gloria's house (she's really not my aunty, but because she's **older** than me {{{just a few years **snicker**}}} we say "aunty" out of respect), anyways - went to her house, and she gave me a bunch of cards to give away on my next month's donation. How cool is that?!?! Even though the cards aren't for me technically, I still consider it something given. How sweet, Aunty!!

Thank you all for your wonderful gifts, thoughts, kindness and especially your friendships!!!