April 14, 2007

Organizing Your Inks & Cardstock

Mood: In the Mood For Clean-Up & Organizing....

So, today I wanted to stamp... and create something. But I gotta tell ya, my table is scattered with sooo much crap of things that I actually want to keep and later use to create other things with. Oh my!! Scraps of papers here n' there, piles and piles everywhere. So, I HAD to get into the mood of cleaning up and organizing a little bit around here.... yes "HAD" to! I always feel better after organizing anyways, and it gives me more room for creation.

I'm going to share with all of you, my Glamourous Bloggettes, on how I store my inks and papers. These organization skills however, are not of mines. It actually stems down from my Mama Wini. Unfortunately, Mama Wini doesn't have a blog of her own (cause she doesn't want to blab like me), so I take her skills, and show them off for her. Here are my inks. I have them in a handmade wooden caddy that rotate for easier access. It's just like the one sold by Stampin' Up!™, but I like it wayyy better - cause it's made of wood, very sturdy (and not wobbly) and most of all because it not only holds 60 ink pads, but also 60 pens, and 60 ink refill bottles. LOVE IT!!! It was actually made by someone here on Oahu. So, any local girls out there that want this caddy, contact me - and I will give you the information on who to contact - he sells them for $70....so well worth it! He also has wall units, and I believe it sells for $80 (I have that one too!). Back to the ink pads... I have them stored in order of "families". I scanned the back inner page of a current SU! Mini Catalog (where all the colors and names of the inks are), and I made labels for each color. Printed the labels, and stuck them to my ink caddy accordingly. Mama Wini had hers set up a loonnng time ago, and I have vowed to do the same. FINALLY - are you proud of me, Mama!? "Don't cha wish you had a Mama Wini like me?....don't cha?!"...

As for the cardstock... I bought a file container from Walmart - you know, the kine you use to file your bills and other paper stuffs in? I bought one with a cover, I also bought hanging folders, and manilla folders. Labeled the manilla folders with the names of each color of cardstock, and once again, used another inner back page of a current SU! Mini Catalog, cut out each color rod, and stuck it to each folder accordingly - slipped the manilla folder into my hanging folders - and plopped those cardstocks in whereever they needed to go. I stored them again in each family section, and whala - it is all there where you can easily see and access. Having the cover is totally so worth it - especially when you have a 2 year old around the house like me {{{here's where I scream}}} - oh, but don't get me wrong, he's sooooo adorable.....especially when he's sleeping {{{a sigh of relief}}}.

So there you have it - the way I store my ink pads and paper. Thank you Mama Wini!!! ....don't cha?...

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Now that I got some organizing done - I hope to do some creatin'!!! Hopefully I'll have something for you tomorrow!!