April 13, 2007

My Layout Submittal to 3 Bugs In A Rug

Mood: Sleepy....

Glamourous Bloggettes... you divas crack me up!!! Love everyone's submittal of their guess of which doctor I went to the other day. Gosh, Sweet Blog Candy Pieces really gets the attention of the GB's out there, huh?! I'm glad that you all stopped by, and I hope to keep you coming.... hey - don't forget to sign my guestbook, cause that's the other rule in order to be qualified for the SBCP giveaway. Ok - I'm not going to say it again, that's the last reminder. Whoever has followed the rules will be entered for a chance to win my SBCP stuff.

Anyways... I'm very sleepy. It's already 11 p.m., and I bet somewhere someone is just getting up to get ready for their day. I've gotta hurry up and post this, so that I can jump into bed. Cause me eyes are really feeling the toll right about now.

I was feeling kinda bold today. Received a newsletter from 3 Bug's In A Rug, and they have a scrapbook layout challenge going on. Well... looked it over, and thought I'd take a shot at it. I hope I make them proud. I'm "ok" with the final product... what do you think?!

I'm off to bed... thanks for reading!!! Nighty-Night Ladies!!!