April 18, 2007

My Cuttlebug Products Has Arrived!!! - YAY!!!!

Mood: Very Thrilled!!!!

YAY!!!! I was so excited to receive my box of goodies from Busy Bee Scrapbooking yesterday!!! I can't believe that they are finally HERE!!! I had to call Mama Wini right away and share with her my estactic news.... and what a co-ink-ki-dink.... my hubby called on his way home from work yesterday, and said, "Hunny, would you be able to make me a birthday card, by say, tomorrow morning? so that I can take it to work?", I could hear him in a far distant going on about saying that he knew it was a last minute request, and I didn't hear the rest of what he was saying, because my eyes lit up - and the wheels in my mind was spinning - and stars were twirling, and I was soooo excited that I was going to be able to already use my CB stuffs. But calmly, I replied, "It's not a problem, babe.... I will have it done for you before the morning"...... we hung up. Silence.......calm..... then adrenaline shot through my spine - YEEAAA!!! I get to create a card with my new stuff!!! {{jumping up n' down}} - of course, in reality, I was sitting on this same chair that I am sitting on, but the emotions were of course running through my body. (Are you crazy? If I was really jumping up n' down like a mad woman - my kids would follow me.... then the house would really be a mess!!!) But yes, you can clearly imagine how I felt knowing that my new stuffs have arrived. It's so unexplainable, but explaining isn't needed, cause we've all experienced it, right? Yea well - I was sooo excited that I took the picture of my stuffs after I ripped them all open... I've got some blogging skills to brush up on. But for now, the pics I take will have to do. See that horsie die cut right there?! Well.... I bought it knowing that it was cute - but didn't know if I'd ever use it. But to my surprise, it was the 1st die cut that I used to create the card that my hubby lovingly asked me to create. Of course, I had no fricken clue on how I was going to use my stuffs - so I had to cheat, and steal an idea off of Dawn's gallery.... Thanks Ms. D, for sharing your idea with me, so that I could steal and use it on my 1st card!! I think I'm going to be doing a lot of stealing of ideas for now for these CB babies.... untill I am comfortable creating some of my own.... Thank you for your inspirations!!
Now... here is what my 1st card looks like:

Ok... so the horsie is the die cut, and the background (with all the happy birthday stuffs) is the CB Embossing folder. Check it out!!! It is soooo crisp and CLEAR!!! I Love it!!!! I am totally blown away at the fact that this plastic folder has created this design!!! I gotta tell ya - I was smiling ear to ear this early morning - in the wee hours of the night - when I ran this through my Big Shot! I think I'm going to be in CB world for a little while..... ahhhhh...