April 6, 2007

Just Arrived!!! Things To Play With....

My Stampin' Up! order arrived today!! What a real treat!! Although most of these stuffs are actually for my class this coming Tuesday.... no, wait a minute - only 1 cardstock set (Cert Celery) is really what I needed for my class, I believe the rest are just for FUN! Yea, that's what it is... I think during the order process, I sorta talked myself into believing that all of this was for my class (yes, I do talk to myself....I hear that it's 'alright' too, as long as I don't answer back - right?!) - haha, it sure worked!!! But YAY! Look at what I got!!!!

I finally gave in to purchasing a label punch box set.... yea, yea, I know I told most of you ladies that I wasn't going to purchase it, but for some reason, this time around, I was possesed to buy it. Well, actually - after stalking Jan Tink's blog...thanks to Teri, I couldn't help but want to get this set because I saw that Jan used it on her shadow box.... which I do intend on creating ONE DAY SOON, after all of this craziness is over (Easter, Spring Sessions) - so be on look out on what I create, ok?!

The Coluzzle Kit is my very FIRST kit EVER!!! I have always told myself that I don't need it... but them easy to create circles look so easy to create! Besides, in order for me to make thought shadow boxes, I need a circle maker, right?! Need I say more?!

The other ribbons and cardstocks were simply to replenish my supplies. I don't like to be left in the dark with nothing on hand in the middle of the night when I'm creating my projects... it's kinda like going to the toilet only to find that there isn't any toilet paper when it's time to wipe!! YIKES!!!

So get this.... here's another thing that I'm going to start collecting.... Cuttlebug Embossing Folders. I've been spocking them out for awhile now, but just haven't had the "umph" to go out and get them. But after talking to Teri (once again, she's getting me into more trouble) - hahaha.... I'm totally convince that I NEED these added toys. Are you getting the feeling that Teri is convincing me to buy a lot of stuffs? Hahaha - no, I'm just kidding.... she knows I'm kidding, she's just sharing the things that she loves, cause she knows that I'm going to LOVE them too!!! So, hats off to my girlfriend!!! Love ya, sis! Don't forget to check out her website - she's got some BIG ideas going on over there!!!

Oh - and by the way, have ya all notice how I'm putting watermark on pratically ALL of my photos? (Well, I couldn't put any on the photo in this posting - cause I didn't know what to call it?) Anyways, I couldn't believe it when the Watermark Guru, Cindy - came by here, and first commented on my watermark posting and then even signed my guestbook!!! I am so thrilled and honored!! Found me another friend..... her watermark creations are amazing, but you've gotta check out her stamp blog too, cause she's got some pretty neat stuffs!!!

Anyways, I'm going to have to check out what the Cuttlebug has to offer, and make my list!!! I will most definitely let ya all know what got... do you have Cuttlebug Dies or Embossing Kits? Please share with me.... let me know if there's something out there that I MUST have!!