April 20, 2007

I've Been Tagged!!!!

Oh my!!! I feel like I've officially made it into the blog world!! I've been tagged by one of my very special readers - Rita, the L8dybug Stamper!! She's such a sweetie!!! Ok, so I've gotta name 5 of my favorite blogs.... and these people that I'm naming are TAGGED!!! So you gals gotta go on, and tag other blogs...etc., etc., how fun!!! Thanks for tagging me, Rita!!! Here are the 5 blogs of my choice (there are sooo many out there that are utterly gorgeous (as Simon would NOT say), but here are the ones that I will choose today:

  1. Jean's Stampin' Spot
  2. Teri's Big Idea's
  3. Allison's Stampin' When I Can
  4. Amy's Prairie Paper & Ink
  5. Jenna's Stamp Time Somewhere