April 24, 2007

It's A "Boy's Day" Giveaway

Ok, first off - I'd just like to say that I've had this giveaway prior to my Candi Pieces - but since I've hit the 1000 mark first, I had to do that, and save this post. Now... I've got these goodies to give to a special family, and it wants to get there before Boy's Day!!!!

What is Boy's Day?! Boy's Day is a traditional celebration in the State of Hawaii. It happens every 5th of May, (yep, the same day as Cinco de Mayo!), and it all stems back to the the traditions of the Japanese culture. So, here in Hawaii, the Japanese families will display these beautiful flying flags or banners of carp (fishes a.k.a "Kois") outside of their homes - usually in the front yard, where people driving by can see and take notice. These flying Kois will go up as early as 1 month prior to Boy's Day. There will be 1 Koi for each son on that flying banner. The Kois will also be in different sizes... the largest one represents the eldest son, and the smallest represents the youngest son, and so forth. This is usually the traditional thing to do. It's basically a way of showing how many boys you have in your family, and the pride that you hold within. However, over the years, as time went by, Boy's Day has blossomed, and become somewhat of a tradition not only for the Japanese culture here, but for many of the locals. It is celebrated statewide through our Department of Education, and stores sell many different products pertaining to the celebration of Boy's Day. If you've lived here for at least 5 years, you'll hear about "Boy's Day" - or you'll see something that has to do with it, even if you didn't know what the heck it was about. It's become a day where we celebrate the boys in our family and just another reason for us to spread the Aloha Spirit. We give candies, and lil' goodies to the kids (oh, not just for boys - girls get the goodies too). However, I've heard from my son, that on Boy's Day, in school the boys get to do everything first (stand in line first, wash their hands first, and get their lunches first...etc., etc.,). We all get into it. It's fun...

"Why the heck are you blogging about this, Jen?!" - well, cause I wanna give a lil' something special to a lil' boy out there (1-2 years old). He may be your lil' boy, your nephew, your grandson, your cousin etc., etc., - he will receive this cute lil' t-shirt from Hawaii, and you will receive this card made by me! Remember this card that I promised to give away... well here it is AND this stamp set "Garden Collage" Retired & SAb Set '04-'05) that has been sitting here collecting dust (new & unmounted). What silly thing do you have to do to get it? hmmmm.... you'll hafta send me a picture of 1 of your eyes... left or right - I don't care... but you'll need to make sure your entire eye is included in the photo (see sample). Oh! and you'll have to tell me who (son, brother, newphew) this tee is going to go to, and his age (names are optional). Send your photo to me at littlecs7@msn.com. I'm going to create "koi's" with everyone's eyes - after collected. Join the crazy fun... and I look forward in "seeing" you soon - hahaha - get it?!?!

Winner will be choosen on Saturday morning - after having my Starbucks!

If you're wondering about Girl's Day - that happened back in March, and I wasn't blogging yet. =0)