April 9, 2007

How I Set Up For My Class Sessions....

My oh my!!! Can't believe how fast this day has come.... (maybe it's because I have been spending so much time on here?...tee hee...) Anyways, tomorrow - I am finally having a "Spring Session" with some of my gals. Some are Stampin' Up! Demonstrators, and the rest are just avid "Scrampers". I am charging a flat fee across the border.... $25... keep it simple.

I wanted to share on how I set up and organize my sessions, in case any of you are **new** Demonstrators - or thinking about becoming one (this works for ANY company that you are Demonstrating for). You might feel that you're unorganized, and won't be able to coordinate a session because of this feeling, or WORSE - not want to become a Demonstrator **yikes!!** - but once you get a hang of it, you'll just love yourself - like I do!! It's pretty simple - but keep in mind, you will create your own way of setting up - and whatever work's for you, just go with it. It may not be simple at first - but if you keep to the same way of setting up, you'll be just fine!!!

Here we go....

A) OK, first off, after creating samples for the session that I plan on doing, I give my gals the date(s) that I plan on having my session(s) - I always provide a sign-up deadline date. I make my deadline dates 1 week prior to my sessions - because Stampin' Up! usually delivers between 3-4 business days - so I know that I will have enough time to prepare my kits.

B) Set a maximum amount of people that you will allow to attend. I myself prefer small sessions, and I allow up to 6 people per session. Only because I like being personable with my gals, and being able to help them out with the projects "group style". This amount that you decide is very important - because it'll determine the amount of kits you need to create. You don't want to make too much and end up having kits unmade.... or having enough kits, and creating more because you allowed 3 more to attend over your limit.... =0( It makes it harder on yourself, either way. So, set this amount - and be firm about it. I changed the way I used to have my sessions. Before, I had 1 session each month with different projects. This year, I've decided to have 1 session each month, but the same projects for 3 months (or usually during the time of the promotion going on). If my gals can't make it to this month's session, they have at least 2 more months to chose from, if they want to attend. I have found that it has made it easier for both ends (me n' my gals).

C) You now have your dates set, and the amount of people attending. Order your stuffs - or if you already have them on hand, start making your kits. I simply cut the kits, per projects at one time. Not 6 different projects for each person. So, if I have 6 projects and 6 people attending, I will cut 6 of the same projects and so forth. I paper clip each project kit together including any ribbons.

D) After preparing a kit of each project for every person, you'll have a stack of projects on your desk. It'll look something like this :

E) Now, all you'll need to do is pack a kit for each person with each project in their kit. (I usually do this the night before my sessions). I use baggies. They are inexpensive (if you recycle them over n' over again), and usually my gals will return these after the session is over (along with the paper clips) so that I can use for my next session - you might have to ask for it back... but "no sked, no shame!" (a local hawaii term - otherwise: "just kindly ask for your baggies back with no regrets"). Use a small baggie if you have additional embellishments that need to go with your projects. Here's what my ready kits look like:

F) For the last step, I get a box, and throw everything else that I'm going to need...ink pads, cleaners, pens, crayons, watercolor pencils, etc., etc.... the day of the session - all you'll need to do is set up, and put these supplies where they are needed!!

You'll look organized to your gals, and more so, you will FEEL organized, and ready!! You will enjoy your sessions more - and be able to socialize with ease.... ahhhhhh......

Ok - here's my disclosure... My "2 cents" are simply to lighten up your feelings of distress in planning your session(s)...I make no promise that this way will work for you, but I do promise that it has worked for me.

Share your thoughts with me in this thread - If you hold sessions, how do you set up? Maybe we can help each other by exchanging ideas! Or, if this has made any impact on you, and made you wanna do some sessions... I would sure love to know, too!!