April 29, 2007

Candi Pieces Giveaway!!! **2000 Hits!!!***

ETA: Candi Pieces Giveaway... scroll down....

Wowser!!! Can't belive that my count has already hit 2000 - and in less than 1 week!!! So, as promised, I'll be giving away Candi Pieces every thousand hits... however, my candi pieces will be lil' bits - cause when I hit the big 10K, I'm going to give a crap load of stuffs!!!

I don't know just what I'm going to be giving away at this time, just yet. But I wanted to let ya all know that I am aware that it's time for a giveaway!! So, stay tuned, and check back later for what I decide on giving away - and how I'm going to do it......

Ok - did a look through my store, and here is what's up for grab:

-1 pkt of Photo Fabric (6 Sheets incld
-2 yds of Pink w/white Polka Dots Ribbon
-1 pkg of "Old America" buttons
-7 SU! Mini Catalogs (past issues - great for ideas!!!)

**as for being a generous glamorous bloggette, well - I'd rather give it away to a stampin' sister that I know will put good use to it, than use my time & money trying to sell them on eBay. ;0) Besides, this is waaaay more fun, don't cha agree?!...

Oh! Almost forgot to say what you gotta do....answer this question, and you will be entered into the drawing. Guessing poll closes on Tuesday 6 p.m. Hawaiian Time. Winner announced Tuesday eve/Wednesday morning. Good Luck!!!

What city within the USA has NO consonants in it's name, and consists only of Vowels? (*Hint: This city is in the State of Hawaii) - if you can also provide this city's zip code, you will receive a bonus!!!

***Don't give the answer away!! Email your answer to me at littlecs7@msn.com..... then post a comment here to let me know that you've sent the email.

Much Thanks!!!