April 28, 2007

Boy's Day Candi Pieces **WINNER**

Hello you.... so, there were 7 people that sent in photos of their very gorgeous eyes. Some even sent in more than 1 eye photos (like of their whole family), which I totally got a kick outtah. It makes me feel soooo happy to know that I'm not the only crazee glamorous bloggette in blog world. You all tickled me... in all the right places... {{{giggle}}}

Unfortunately, I only can choose 1 winner of this candi piece giveaway.... and after entering all names into the random list organizer at random. org, I got my winner who is:

Dawn, please send me your address.... I will send you the card, the tee, and the stamp set! Thanks for playing all.... oh, what?.... Wait?..... What should I do?..... {{hubby is whispering in my ears}} - he said, "you should just send all the ladies that sent you eyes a cute lil' tee for their boy's anyways!".... Oh My!! Mr. Young is a sweetie, ain't he?!?! Gotta do what he says, don't want the man changing his mind.... so, Angel, Jeanna (oh, never mind you Jeanna, I already have your address saved in my address book....lol!!!), Cheryl Sims, Cheryl KVD and Mo - send me your address, and I will get these tee's sent out to ya, and hurry up, cause I want them to get it before boy's day!!! YIPEE!!!!