April 20, 2007

Baby Shower Basket & More Blabbering

I love making baskets, don't you?! I love working with cellophane. The crisp crinkling sounds it makes, as I pull, gather and "fluff'. Makes me feel like I'm Martha Stewart... hmmm, maybe not - more like some fantastic gift basket wrapper for those award shows like the "Grammy's" and the gift baskets end up going to super stars - yea, I feel more like that, than MS. Plus, with my nails just glammed up and all - ohhhh.....who could NOT feel the same, ya hear me?!

Ok, back to the basket... the baby shower is tomorrow (Saturday), and it's a "surprise", so this should be fun! It's for my "Aunty" (we say "aunty" here in Hawaii - I know other places leave out the "y" and just say "Aunt" - but I think, that we think that the "y" makes us (the aunty) sounds "younger"). SO... my aunty is going to be surprised with this shower - and here is what I'm giving her...

A lil' cute duckie bath robe for baby - isn't it the cutest thing? My Cy had one just like that - it was sooo cute - too bad they grow up so fast, you can only use it once or twice - cause really, it's just easier to use a dang towel, and dry them off. In fact, I think I put Cy's one on just to take fu-fu pictures.... I also threw in some teething swabs, and some colic drops - of course I don't know if baby is going to have these problems, but heck - I know exactly how it feels to have my hubby "run out" and get something, cause we didn't have it yet - so, I'm saving them an emergency trip to the store (which will eventually happen, right?!). I also have those jars I made the other day stuffed in there snugly, and a lil' something for mama... but you can't see it - it's under the cute duckie robe.

Wrapped the basket nicely with cellophane {{thinking of the crisp crinkling sounds again is giving me goosebumps}}, tied on a pretty ribbon - that's a dang wide ribbon, don't cha think? I LOVE IT!!! Then made a tag....

Can't get away from using my CB embossing folder!! Then used another cute Sizzlit die cut from that animal set they have. Used another CB embossing folder (mini one this time), to make the "Congrats" - cut out the piece holding the bear's arm to show that it's now "holding" the congrats sign. Embellished with scraps from my SU! Simply Delightful set.

Here's my glammed up nails:

No Silly!!! That's not my thumb... it's my matching glammed up big toe!!! Tee hee!!!

BTW: Did I mention that I shopped and bought some Bella's this past Monday? Yea... I didn't get my shipment in, just yet - but I went back tonight, and shopped somemore!!! Oh oh.... I have plenty of work to do!!! Sign up for my "Celebrate U" list... so I can stamp, stamp, stamp away some Bella's and send them to YOU on your special day!!! I'm totally excited about them coming in though. Just like Beate - I get all giddy inside n' out, about receiving stuffs in the mail!!! hee hee...can't wait!!!