April 30, 2007

6 x 6 Recipe Swap - Appetizers **CLOSED**

**ETA: Sign Up is CLOSED - we are now in the receiving stage.... Participators, please see below to verify reciept of your swap submittal. Much Mahalo for your participation!!!

I'm having another 6 x 6 recipe swap!!! It's time for us to do "Appetizers".... anyone up for it?!

Here are the details:

Sign Up By: April 29th
Swaps Due In My Hands By: May 19th
Quantity to make: ***10*** (WOW!!! This is the 1st time we've had sooo many sign ups!!!)


1. Your select Appetizer must be on a 6 x 6 layout.
2. Please make your layout at least 2 layers.
3. Name and Location on back of each swap.
4. No Vendor Requirements - Use whatever you have in stock!!

BONUS: You will receive an index page of this category made by me. =0)

**More details will be sent to you upon signing up. Please post a comment here, or email me to sign up for this swap. I would also highly recommend that you subscribe to my blog so that you are informed whenever I update this swap.


1. Cheryl U. - Spinach Rolls **RECEIVED**
2. Corrina F. - Spinach Artichoke Dip
3. Wini M. - Zucchini Appetizers **RECEIVED**
4. Kelly T. - **RECEIVED**
5. Terri K. - Stuffed Mushrooms **1st One RECEIVED**
6. Holly W. - Crab Won Ton **RECEIVED**
7. Robyn K-M. - EZ Spinach Dip **RECEIVED**
8. Cheryl Miyashiro - Komoboko Dip **RECEIVED**
9. Teri Suzuki - Pizza Skins **RECEIVED**
10. Jen Young - Vietnamese Spring Rolls **RECEIVED**