March 30, 2007

Swaps, Nails, Blog Candy and A Digi SB Page Too!

FINALLY! You say.... a blog from Jen that's NOT a swap! Yea, sorry about that...I had to get those swaps posted so that I could keep my participants informed - and I wanted to also post the new swaps to make available to all of my new friends! =0) It took quite some time to do, but I remained calm and took my time. I had to actually get up from my chair, and do a Super S-T-R-E-T-C-H before attempting to complete THIS blog. I am ready... are you?!

Ok first off, I got my nails done - you can check out my family's blog, and read all about it there. But I'm telling you this, cause it's kinda slowing me down. Oh don't worry - I'll be right on top of it again (soon). I love the sounds that it makes while hitting the keyboard though - just hope it doesn't wake my hubby! It's 1:05 a.m. here!!

Blog Candy!!! Can everyone say BLOG CANDY?!?!! Let's say it all together now.... BLOG CANDY!!! Can you tell I'm nuts about this? I've never heard what this "Blog Candy" was about, until my bloggette sister Teri told me about it. After doing a little researching, I've found it very interesting and FUN!!! I am all excited about it!!! Can you tell?! Ok, so anyways - "Blog Candy" are gifts that bloggers give away to their readers, for all sorts of reasons. Well - I'm totally looking forward in giving away all sorts of "Blog Candy" - but on this site, Sisters, I'm going to call it "Sweet Candy Pieces". on a look out for my 1st "Sweet Candy Pieces" giveaway!!! I'm going to do it when my site count hits 500 - to celebrate! I wanted to do it when it hit a 100 count - but I didn't know that it was going to happen sooo fast. Thank you all for stopping by, and putting a smile on my face!! Let all the Divas out there know... come on by - cause anyone can be the lucky one!! Can we all say "Sweet Candy Pieces?!"

In closing - while my son played in the tub this evening, I skimmed though a digi scrapbook mag and was inspired to do a digi scrapbook page. Being that I was on the computer so much these past couple days, I didn't have the chance to sit and stop by my stamp & scrap work I thought... why not?! it's still considered scrapping, right?! Check it out:

I completed this page using the program Memory Mixer (tm) by Lasting Impressions. Have a GREAT weekend Sisters!!! I'm off to bed....