February 23, 2017

Some Bible Journaling

Aloha Friends!!! It has been quite some time since I've last posted!! Infact, it has been about 2-1/2 months now. I am ok. Just haven't been in the mood to create anything BUT doing some Bible Journaling. Sometimes, I get into these ruts... and just don't feel like creating anything. Do you get like this sometimes?  But I have been creating n' getting into the word of God, so, I definitely have been enjoying THAT. Anyways, here are some of the pages I worked on....

This one I used an Inky Antic stamp, stamped on watercolor paper, and then colored n' fussy cut. Then added to my page. I loved the look of the dripping honey, and wanted to drape the top of my page with that same look.

On this page, I used stamps from Sweet & Sassy stamps. I also CASED this page from another crafter. 

This page comes from my Extra Large Inspire Bible. The artwork was already on the page, and all I needed to do was add some color. I really love how it turned out. 

This one was traced - the lettering at least. The floral stamps are from Sweet & Sassy stamps again. 

This page was actually a page that looked like a mess. I covered it up with some paint, and again, CASED this idea from another crafter.

Last but not least, I made some clip markers for my planner, bible, journal, and anything else that I could clip it on to. Sending a set of 4 to a dear friend... somewhere out there. <3 br="" nbsp="">

That is all I have been up to. I am praying that this rut I am in, will be gone from my heart. I want to create with the Joy of the Lord on my heart, and I want to be able to have that desire n' fire again....

December 5, 2016

Ichiriki Japanese Nabe

So our friends are here visiting from out of town. So happy to see the entire Ohana. It's so neat, because this lady used to read my blog B4 she knew me in real life!!! But the neat thing is that she and I first met at CHURCH!!! How awesome is that?? Isn't God GOOD?? Yes, he is, ALL THE TIME!!! I have met several ladies at church that mentioned that they've read my blog before even meeting me. There was another sister-in-Christ that lived on the mainland, and then she saw me at church, when she moved here. Came up to me, and said, "hey, you have a blog, don't you?"... neatest thing ever. Friendships have been built because of blogging. I am forever grateful for that, and esp grateful that God brought these ladies into my life!!

So anyways, we went to Ichiriki with our friends. OH how I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE, can I say "LOVE" enough times to show how much I LOVE this place??? Everything on the menu is just so ONOLicious. I am telling you the truth. I just love this place. But then again, I love Japanese food, period!! LOL!!!  Here are more pics that I took....

The men cooking their nabe in their hot pot. 

So this place is all about cooking your nabe (Japanese soup) yourself. You choose a type of broth, which I usually go with the "Ichiriki" a.k.a. shoyu broth, and then a type of meat n' veggies that come with it. OH YUM!!!!

I like to take my time in eating this meal... so I put in a meat only when I am ready to eat it. Others put their meat in all at once. But to each their own. :) Here is mines n' Kim's pot..... 

Our Ohana visiting n' enjoying dinner with us... so funny, the party to the left is playing the "Draw on Your Head" game. :) 
Praising God for the time well spent with this Ohana. They are always fun to hang out with. God is good!!!

December 3, 2016

Digital Pages from Little Scraps of Heaven Design Digis and Me and My Frilly Hat

What's happening, people?? OMGeeeee... I've missed a day of blogging, because yesterday, my keyboard was acting up, and causing problems on my computer. I'm using an old keyboard right now, but will need to get a new one, because this one is not working the way I want it to work, either. But for now, it'll do.

So first, let me share these 2 digital pages I created using Little Scraps of Heaven Design Digi's. These are pics from the past, when my boys were younger. Miss when they were this age. Time has flown so fast!!!

Such adorable pages, right?? I used Photoshop Elements to create these pages. :) Such precious memories.

Ok, so yesterday, I've attended a tea party!! Oh how fun it was!! We had our sis in Christ n' friend, Dawn O'Brien also sharing a word of God. The time to dress up was so much fun n' everyone looked SO beautiful!!!! Here is a pic of me with my hat. I will create a couple of digital pages of the pics I took during the event. But here is the pic I took of myself:

Oh, and yesterday was also Day 2 of the #LCPhotoCraftChallenge - "Cookies", here's the pic I shared...

Today is Day #3 - "Something Warm". If you plan on playing along... don't forget to add the hashtag #LCPhotoCraftChallenge to your post so we can all see!!!!  Thanks for stopping by!!! I hope you can join me again tomorrow. Have a blessed WEEKEND!!!!!

December 1, 2016

Daily Scripture Writing Plan

Hey there!! Here is another "Challenge" I like to do, if I have the time. It's a Daily Scripture writing plan... everyday, you'd write the scripture of the day down in your journal, bible, or even just a 3x5 index card. Just something to keep your mind on the Lord's good WORD! I have 3 blog posts today!! Don't miss any one of them, OK??


Little Itty Bitty Favors for Baby Shower

Greetings all!!! It's already Thursday! I'm so excited because tonight, myself and the One Love Music Ministry is teaming up with the little kids choir (One Love Notes), and performing/singing at Ala Moana Center Stage tonight, at 7pm. If you're available, come and check us out and support us. It is a perfect opportunity for us to share about Christ.

Ok, let's talk about yesterday. My little one stayed home again, he's still sick. This is getting so sad to have to see him be so sick. I am praying in the Name of Jesus that he is healed!!! The coughing is just going on and on and on. But I guess it is a lingering cough, but really not sick anymore? I'm not sure. The hacking sure makes him sound sick. Anyways, may be picking up more meds to help this boy. Please continue to keep him in prayer, and also for my hubby n' I, that we don't get sick as well.

So yesterday, I was scheduled for my nails to get done. I was a little nervous because the nail lady I had for the last 10 years or so had gone and moved to Florida. So, I was meeting with a new tech!! I left the house, and saw on the way to the nail salon, this beautiful rainbow starting to form. It's half a rainbow!! :) Doesn't it look like it's coming out of nowhere and going nowhere?? Anyways, as I am driving, the closer I get to the overpass - you can see in in the pic, the light turns yellow. So I slow down, and stop. 3 seconds later, guess what?? I am bumped in the back by a City Bus!!!! Dangit!! I was shocked to think, what happen there?? Did I just get bumped by a bus? I look behind, and sure enough the driver is aware of his error. But we're at the light, so I didn't wanna get out. I figure I will drive up a little further, and turn into the bus station just a couple of lights away. So that is what I did. I get out of my truck and take a look at my back. Absolutely NOTHING was damaged. Praise God!!!! I was so relieved. Thank You, Lord that nothing was damaged, and that I was driving my truck and not my other car. Because I am sure that car would've been damaged. I hugged the driver, and we were on our merry way. He was relieved that he didn't have to write up a report, or that a report didn't need to be written up on him. I don't know what was going on, I asked him if he fell asleep at the wheel. He said, "no, the brakes on this thing". I think he thought I was going to run the yellow. I'm sure he probably thought I should've ran the yellow. LOL. But I didn't... and that's how he bumped me. But, like I said, nothing was wrong, so Praise God that I got to continue on my way to my nail appointment.

But get this... I get to my nail salon, and the person I am scheduled with, Tammy, already is working on a customer. WHAAAAAT???? The boss lady looks at her appointment book, and is puzzled. "You call yesterday?"... "Yes", I said... "You talk to ME??", "Yes"... again, "You talk to ME??"... LOL... "Yes... scheduled with Tammy"... pause... "But if there is anyone else that is available, and good, then I will try them out... "Yes, I let you go with Tony, he is good.." I say, "almost as good as Lena?"... she say, "oh, just as good". Ok, I bought.... Tony it is. Tony worked on my toes like a champ. I tell ya, my feet need a lot of tender loving care. LOL.... He even trimmed off the wild little hairs that were growing on my toes. My feet was very nice n' soft afterwards. And he even went with the design that I wanted. I don't usually take pics of my foot, and post on the web, but these are beautiful n' like i said, the hairs were taken cared of. Thank You, Tony!!!!
Tony then worked on my nails. He first removed all the previous gel coating that I had, because he wanted to match the powder look on all my nails. He said he wasn't going to charge me for it. Ok, that's good. :) The results were beautiful, and elegant. Just what I was looking for, and wanted. I love when techs will listen to what you want, and complete the task. I think he did a really good job, my nail isn't too thick, which I am used to, because Lena would make them thick for my cleaning hands. But I think this'll work. But the true test will come when I see how long this lasts. I don't like it lasting too short, and I believe that my nails should be perfect and pretty at least for a month n' a half.

 On to the little itty bitty favors I was talking about yesterday. I made 30 of these for my girlfriend's daughter's "baby welcoming". Her daughter was visiting from Alaska, and this was the first time they were meeting their granddaughter. She invited all of her girlfriends, and I was so blessed that she included me. It was truly a sweet gesture. All of her girlfriends jumped in and decided to cook, decorate n' just allowed the Lord to use us to create a beautiful gathering for her n' her family. I made these favors. filled them with 2 peppermint, and bamm! I was done!!!  You can see in the 2nd pic a penny, so you can see how small this favor box is. :)

Here are all the favors lined up on her piano. The SVG cut that I used for this project was a candy box from MyScrapChick.com. So happy that they were so easy to cut and assembling them was such a sinch. :)

Here is a pic of myself with my girlfriend, Riza and her granddaughter. Of couse, her GD is crying, because she wants to be in MY arms. LOL....

Well, before I end this post, wanted to let ya know that I have a new challenge going on. Prayerfully I will be able to host this challenge for the coming months. It is a challenge to simply share your created projects or the photo subject of the day. It's strictly all for fun, and no prizes included. Just to have a great time with what you "envision" as the theme. It's a daily challenge, so I hope you will come and play along!!!!  You can find the daily themes on the previous post, or on the sidebar of my blog.

 Thanks for visiting n' letting me share about my day n' project. Ta-ta for now!!!

November 30, 2016

Photo Craft Daily Challenge

So here is a new challenge that I'll be participating in... come n' join the fun. If you play along, don't forget to use hashtag: #LCPhotoCraftChallenge. You can also find this on IG under LCPhotoCraftChallenge.

35 Completed Ribbon Leis

Oh my oh my!!! Yesterday was such a relief to complete the 35 Ribbon Leis for my twin God-Daughters. I boxed them up n' had them shipped off to WA. Praying it'll get there by Friday, as their tournament is on Sunday. When I was done with the leis, I grabbed a Large Flat Rate mailing box from my closet, and was so excited to put them all in, only to find out that I couldn't find my shipping tape!!! Don't you just hate this?? I have been losing my mind lately, and oh gosh, things "just go missing". So, I headed to WalMart... for tape... and left WalMart with practically finishing my Christmas shopping. Which is a relief, because I need to get started on these gifts before our trip. Well, here is a look at all the leis that I worked on. It's a rainbow of colors, because my friend said that she'd take any color, since it was such a last minute RUSHED order. She messaged me on Sunday, and I had to work immediately and quickly. So I told her that she'll have to settle for whatever ribbons I had in stock. Praise God I had this many ribbons. You know what the funny part was, though? I had this bag of ribbons that I was seriously thinking of dropping off to Goodwill. But something, must've been the Holy Spirit, was telling me to not throw them away, just yet. So I kept them around. But several times, I would see the bag, and I thought, "I need to throw this bag away!!" But again, Praise God that I didn't... because I was able to use the ribbons for this task!! Thank You, Jesus!!!!

I just love all the pretty colors and how they all turned out. The ribbon lines all look so uniformed, and just so neat to see how they conform to each other. I cannot believe how quickly I made these. After the box was shipped, I made myself some coffee n' enjoyed it with a Pandesal. Pandesals are a Filipino baked bun. I love it. Used to eat it with Hot Cocoa when I was a kid, dipped in the Hot Cocoa, and eating it for breakfast. So yummy. I don't dip it in my hot cocoa anymore, not my coffee, because I realized that some of the bread would break off, and it grossed me out to see them at the bottom of my cup when I was done with my drink. Yuck! LOL!!

Now, lookie here... upon completing the 35 ribbon leis, I also created 2 candy leis to surprise my twin God-Daughters. They are going to be so thrilled when they see this. I just know that they will be truly blessed. But in the process of making them, I was blessed and reminded of this gift that the Lord has given me. I'm not ever going to take that for granted again. He said that all I gotta do is show up, and he will give me the strength to go n' he will put the words on my mouth to speak. So I am speaking through my creativity and am praying that these will put a smile on the girl's hearts.  This candy lei was simple to create, just takes time to push the treats through the lei's netting, and I just tied ribbons in between each treat, then tied the ends together to make the lei complete. I can't wait to hear how they reacted when they open the box.

Yesterday was cold n' gloomy n' windy n' dark... clouds everywhere... and my little one is still sick. He has been sick since last week Tuesday. Been missing school since, and now it's just way too long. It's been a week and a half, and his coughs are still so strong and gross sounding. It pains me to hear him coughing n' hacking. I am sure his muscles on his abs are sore n' that his chest is painful from all that coughing. It seems that any med that I give him is not working. Tomorrow, I will probably take him back to the doctors to get another bout of meds. He was placed on antibiotics, and still... nothing. So, praying for healing and that he can go back to school soon. He's been missing too many days. But he can't go back being miserable.

I leave you with these 2 pictures of a lily in my pond. This is of the same lily, just different angles. I need to work on DT requirements for Little Scraps of Heaven Designs, because I'm behind on projects for this month. Will catch up by creating some digital pages, and hopefully I can keep up with creating those pages in the future. Tomorrow I have pics of these adorable favors I created for a baby shower I attended this past weekend. Best fun ever, I had!!!